Screenwriting : Has anyone actually sold a script? by Patrick Freeman

Patrick Freeman

Has anyone actually sold a script?

Every time I log onto this site I see new announcements of a screenwriter who had a script "requested". But what comes of that, if anything? Has anyone actually ever sold a script? Please share your experience.

Pierre Langenegger

I sold a short last year, but nothing to do with any of the contacts at Stage 32.

Lisa Clemens

I was hired to write three. No connections here had any part in hiring.

David Levy

I believe he means on Stafe 32. Has anyone who has ever been requested on here sold their script through a pitch session script request I believe.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

So all of these success stories are just reads? It probably clearly stated that, but I don't know why I assumed they meant options or actual purchases.

David Levy

Read the further success stories oey posts. You can find them listed in the Pitches or Pitchfest section I believe. People have had continued success

Phil Parker

Each 'request' is something to celebrate because it's another hurdle that you have jumped over in the long journey that is screenwriting. Without services like this, and the care and attention that Joey and his crew provide, getting producers and agents to read your script (if you are a newbie with no credits) is very difficult. Of course, there will still be hurdles to get over once they request your script, and you may never hear back from them if they don't like it (apparently), but that's par for the course I guess, whether you use Stage 32 or send out a thousand query letters yourself. Is that not about right? What do others think?

Amanda Toney

Just like to point out that all of these success stories are a direct result of Stage 32: Member CJ Walley has optioned two short scripts through Stage 32, plus got the offer of a paid assignment in December through connections he made through the site. He also recently had an actress he met on Stage 32 (who's in the new Furious 7 movie) set him up with a read at a production company. This site REALLY is about what you put in. If you actually take the time to help others first (KEY!) and network, you can go far. If you sit back and expect people to flock to you, you won't do very well.

Kenny Mann

I am probably older than most members - turning 69 in May - and I have just finished my first script, which took me many years to hone and get to the stage at which I believe it may be marketable. I took courses, I took every free online course I could find, I invested money in teachers and I reworked the script 63 times - to date. I keep every version, so I know. I sent it out twice to the same script reader for his notes, and learned that, although he thought it had improved in some places, he found other places weaker than before. Yikes!! I rewrote it many times again and now I have submitted it to 8 executives. The script was requested and then rejected by one executive and I'm still waiting to hear from others. I think I have got the pitch down very well - that is what is getting the requests - but I wait with baited breath to see if the script actually gets accepted anywhere. I am actually a documentary filmmaker ( and author, mostly on issues concerning Africa since I was born and raised in Kenya. The script I am submitting has nothing to do with Africa - it is set in the Hamptons on the East End of Long Island, NY, where I now live, and I have no idea where this story came from as it is completely and entirely invented. It was fun to write something NOT based on what I know. Now I am also in production on another project called DIGITAL MAASAI, based in Kenya. More about that another time. I cannot say enough good things about Stage 32 so far. Absolutely brilliant! And Joey is tireless, charming and professional - a joy to work with. What I love most is the younger generation's world-changing ideas about sharing resources, eg Uber, airbandb and other similar products that enable people all over the world to live better lives, earn more income and sometimes, survive when they have lost jobs or become disabled. Stage32 is another of theses giant undertakings that brings us film fanatics together and gives us opportuities we would probably have never had otherwise. I am forever grateful and also inspired with new energy to not give up but pitch my work as often as I can afford to do so. Let's face it - it's addictive. No other word for it. Joey - you got us hooked!!

Anthony Cawood

I've also optioned 2 shorts to S32 members, as well as making a load of great contacts.

Anthony Cawood

@Lisa... and? Not sure of the point you are trying to make? There are a number of scripts that have been optioned and/or are in develoment according to the Happy Writers Successes page. So fingers crossed these will progress to produced films and 'full' sales. Perhaps the question should be expanded slightly to 'Which writers on S32 have sold, or being hired to write, feature screenplays via S32 or elsewhere' - as S32 isn't the only place writers should be active and certainly isnt the only, or best place, you're gonna sell your scripts. There are places that are dedicated to this aim, e.g. InkTip and Blacklist where I'm sure S32 members have had actual 'sales'. My answer would certainly be different with that expanded definition ;-)

Patrick Freeman

Yes, I was referring to contacts/connections made on Stage32. If all anyone needs to get excited is to have some unknown person ask to see their work then there are plenty of those on Craigslist. And I actually have had a short film produced that way. I didn't get paid. But it was fun to see my work produced and done very well.

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