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Barry Teitelbaum

Hiring a Script Consultant

Just curious to hear anyone's experience with hiring a Script Consultant or Script Doc. I just finished a first draft and considering hiring one particularly pricey NYC Script coach to help fast track the rewrite process so I can start sending it out. But I just can't wrap my head around the fees. Any thoughts?

John R Worsley

I have experience with exactly one script consultant, Pilar Alessandra, who runs the On The Page podcast and classes. I'm happy with her, and would definitely recommend her, but she's booked like six months in advance. I haven't used Danny Manus, but from what I've seen and heard from him, I think he'd be a good choice.

Barry Teitelbaum

Both are top notch. Thanks!

Amanda Reck

I have a friend in NYC who had some consulting sessions with Jake at Jacob Krueger Studio and was super happy with how fast her script process sped up.

Babz Bitela, President

I flew down to LA when assembling our team which included our attorney and Brian OMalley, owner of He is highly ethical, has solid readers and takes every precaution to be sure folks reading know HOW to read and what to do about what they see or don't see. I also love Jason Bortz, for coverage; a bit more money BUT SOOOOOO WORTH IT. Also, scriptquack! scriptshark, Those are my faves. bb

Danny Manus

Don't want to sound like a promo, but feel free to check out my site or profile. I've been doing this a long time and am very affordable

Babz Bitela, President

never be afraid to be candid when you are promoting YOU Danny. That's your job - u owe it to u to do that. Good on ya, too.

Padma Narayanaswamy

I am a poor script writer and I really cannot afford a script doctor . Due to kindness someone elped me for free here . He told me if he has to change more i have to pay. I feel that taking professional help you should be able to sell.

Ed Kowalski

Padma, if you ever want a free set of eyes on something let me know :-)

Padma Narayanaswamy

Thanks Ed surely I would take your help.

Geof Spalding

I have used Leo The Script Guy from LA. He was great and gave me an in depth breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of my script. Other good ones are Brett Stanning in Australia and Pilar Alessandra.

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