Screenwriting : How do you re-create a script? by Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

Allen Wayne Ray Jr.

How do you re-create a script?

I've been writing most of my life now & some of my jobs have been lost or dropped. I am working on a feature project & it seems like it's falling apart. How do you turn nothing into something?

Andy Golub

Did you lose a file and are trying to re-write it from memory? Or writing a script you don't feel is working...not clear on the issue here.

Marvin Willson

I'm with Andy, please clarify?

Levada McHenry

Your writing It's always something, Set a deadline for just mediating on what your writing. Don't write, just go into thought about it, sometimes it takes time, but aren't all good scripts, nothing but time?

Mark Souza

I think I understand. You started with a great idea and somewhere along the way during the writing, it's kind of petered out to something uninspired. It's not that uncommon, nor does it mean the origin premise wasn't good. I write novels as well and this happens all the time - which is why I outline to make sure my premise has legs to get to the end. What I recommend is to set the script aside and start working something else. Put it in a file for later. I have an "ideas" folder for my unfinished stories and ideas for future work. Sometimes it takes the melding of two good ideas to make a great story. And that might happen here. Or, in time, after rereading it later, you might be able to rescue your idea and finish. Good luck.

Marvin Willson

Still no clarification....

Julian Nabunya

revise your plot , change character , may be from male to female , or the other way i young to older , even the set , i have feeling you will start seeing thing developing in different direction , fresh and virgin , tell me if it will not be lively in your eyes . cheers .

Stephen Mitchell

Perhaps you want to restate your theme?

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