Screenwriting : How many irons in the fire? by Michael Cantrell

Michael Cantrell

How many irons in the fire?

Okay so i think i have some attention issues or something but i have to have more than one creative project going at a time. Im working on a novel and screenplay at the same time. Anyone else doing something like this? How many scripts you cooking up right now?

Tamim Almousa

I'm always working on 3-4 shorts as well as a feature.

Michael Cantrell

Yeah i like having two projects i can work on that are different mediums. It breaks up monotony especially in novel writing as the process moves much slower.

Dan Guardino

I have but I don't really like working on more than one screenplay at a time. I just finished a screenplay this weekend that is heading into development so I'll probably be working on the breakdown and budget unless my partner and crime on this one wants to do it. Besides that one I have four other projects that are in various stages of development/pre-production so I'll be working on those as well.

Beth Fox Heisinger

I'm working on several things right now too... two features and a short. ;)

Doug Nelson

I can barely work on one thing at a time.

Pat Savage

I am working on several projects too. Kudos!

Harley Brattain

I have learned that the quality of my work is better if I only focus fully on one project at a time. For me this is the third and fourth rewrite or edit. During the first draft of anything I can work on three or four things at a time. During the third edit of my current novel I only use note cards for outlining my other projects. Editing a novel, episode (chapter 4) of a series, outlining books two and three of the current novel and a comedy about a hitman are on the burner at this time.

Michael Cantrell

Great comments guys! I'm basically writing my novel and writing the screenplay adaptation along with it. I'm enjoying it a lot actually. I've had the story completely outlined for some time, and of course, during the actual writing of this thing, there are changes being made, but I think I like doing it this way.

I'm also going to be writing a new script once this one is done. I really want to tackle both novel writing and screenwriting. Just like to keep active.

Bob Steele

Hey Michael, Like you, I am working on my novel and screenplay adaptation simultaneously. So far, so good.

Chad Stroman

Rewrite of "Shadowlands" Brainstorming/Outlining 3 other features and 1 tv pilot and series bible. Reading lots and lots and lots and learning lots and lots and lots. And it's also the kickoff of Football Season here in the US so...going to have to use my time stopping machine to get it all done.

Adrian-Asia Petty

I am working on two stories and a graphic novel. Multi tasking is pretty much a life style for me. Ideas don't like to wait in line.

Michael Cantrell

Adrian-Asia Petty Exactly! That's how I feel too! That's so awesome you're working on a graphic novel. I really want to write one, but I can't afford a full team of artists to produce it. I can't draw a straight line so that's out lol. Are the stories you're working on prose or screenplays?

Michael Cantrell

Chad Stroman dang man! You're busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!

Adrian-Asia Petty

Michael: One of my stories is prose and the other is a loose outline for another graphic novel or maybe a comic series, not sure yet. Yes, it can get pricey for a team to work with you on a book. As it happens, I am quite blessed to get a group of talented folks within my price range. Hope all works out well for you!

Bill Lonero

I currently am writing 2 screenplays, 3 music albums and one book. In between all that I own a photography studio, rehearse and tour with my band and attend Krav Maga classes 6 times per week. There may be only 24 hours in a day but I'm making sure I get full use out of every one of them.

Christine Capone

I usually focus on one at a time with 2 others on the back burner but if I come up with an idea for either of them, I make notes. Then when it's time to work on that script, I go back to my notes. I just found that when I was working on multiple projects, I never finished anything. But that's just what works for me. We all have our own system. Good luck!

Tiffany Grant

HI. I was going to try to do a book and script before the end of the year. But now I'm just focused on my script and getting that done before the end of the year.

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