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Screenwriting : How to Pitch a screenplay by Giacomo Knox

Giacomo Knox

How to Pitch a screenplay

Hey gang, is there a definitive source out there on pitching? After one failed attempt on Stage 32 a while back, it seems like I don't really know how.

Richard Toscan

I think Stage32 ran a free(?) seminar on how to pitch sometime in the last month or so. Look under the Happy Writers tab and see if they'll do it again or if there's a recorded version you can watch.

Amanda Toney

Hi Giacomo, Joey Tuccio does free webinars on how to pitch constantly. We also have various webinars on the topic from industry executives giving their advice on how to pitch. Also, I recommend watching On Stage with RB, as he usually goes over questions relating to pitching. Lots of resources here for you!

Ron Brassfield

Also, look up "Good in a Room" on the web, I've just been looking it over and I'm very impressed.

Jeri Angel McGwin

I really got a lot from Ken Rotcop's book, the Perfect Pitch. He really is great at pitching. I've attended several of his Pitchmarts and had really good success. I think the first one I attended, I pitched 12 times and got 8 requests.

William Martell

For pitchfest (etc) "elevator pitches" I do I think I call the "Pitching Pyramid". Start with the title & genre, then tell them the logline, then do a "high points" synopsis of the story, focusing on the protagonist's emotional story and the big exciting set piece scenes in the story. Allow for time for questions, and expect questions. You want to create a conversation if possible. That means you need to know the answers to any questions they ask you about your script. Here's the thing with pitches: it's all about the concept. So you need to start with an amazing idea. I've done a bunch of pitch panels, and scripts have been requested where the writer fumbled their pitch but had a great idea. Last one I did a writer was professional and rehearsed and gave a perfectly "performed" pitch... for a dull idea, and everyone passed. The Inside Pitch Show features WME's Chris Lockhart hearing pitches and explaining where they go wrong: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theinsidepitch

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Great info, William.

Giacomo Knox

Wow, when the administrator of the website responds to your question, you know you're getting somewhere! And thanks to everyone else who wrote. I'll take into consideration everyone's response and use it on my pitch next week! Todah Rabah (Thank you!)

Michelle Hickey

Hi Joey, could I also get a hold of those pitching templates please? Thanks M

Adite Banerjie

I took Joey's Pitch Perfect class. If you follow his template and advice and practise, practise, practise, you can nail it! :D

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