Screenwriting : I am a screenwriter. Therefore... by Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

I am a screenwriter. Therefore...

Finish this sentence. I am a screenwriter. Therefore, it is beneath me to...

Laura Scheiner

Therefore it' is beneath me to disrespect other creator's IP

Doug Nelson

I'm a screenwriter which puts me in the lowest clan on the totem pole. There is no one beneath me (which means up is the only way I can go.)

Victor Titimas

You shouldn't consider anything as "beneath" you(pay attention:I don't mean accepting to be humilliated or doing degrading things), nor anyone as beneath, and not just as a screenwriter, but as a human being in general...:)

Nelson Torres

write a screenplay.

Matthew H Emma

Ever quit writing.

Owen Mowatt

...leave a full bottle of rum.

Erik Jacobsen

...finish this sentence. (I live beneath me)

Dan Guardino

I must be insane.

Katya Stiletti

...follow the herd

Carl Hippensteel

...I am a visual storyteller.

Harley McKabe


Myron DeBose

I'm a screenwriter. Therefore, I have waking dreams.

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