Screenwriting : LIVE in the Writers' Room | Jason Roberts - Producer by Carmen Boykin

Carmen Boykin

LIVE in the Writers' Room | Jason Roberts - Producer

Is it important as a screenwriter to have a pitch deck? Currently listening to Jason Roberts... Really good webinar.

Sam Sokolow

I do think a pitch deck is an essential side car to a television pilot and for an independent feature film.

Maurice Vaughan

Carmen Boykin I agree with Sam Sokolow. I think it's important for screenwriters to have pitch decks. I make pitch decks for my feature scripts and TV shows. A while back, an industry pro asked me to send a script after he read one of my pitch decks. Nowadays, producers, directors, production companies, etc. want to see pitch decks. Producers, etc. have so many projects being pitched to them that looking at a pitch deck is faster than reading a script. The producer, etc. can look at the pitch deck and decide quickly if it's a project they want to be involved with or not.

Carmen Boykin

Thank you so much Sam Sokolow for your advice! It's good to know from a seasoned professional what can elevate your chances to get your screenplay to an interested producer.

Carmen Boykin

I love your testimony Maurice Vaughn! It's great to use the advantages of having a pitch deck. I believe Exactly what you're saying, Maurice. I should be done with my first one this weekend. It has been a lot of fun for me making it :-)

Richard "RB" Botto

As Sam mentioned, absolutely vital for a television show pitch. You'll need a deck.

Carmen Boykin

Hi, Richard Botto, thanks so much for your advice! Hope you're having a great year so far :-)

Carmen Boykin

"Uncle Phil", you've got me smiling!

Richard "RB" Botto

Absolutely am, Carmen. Thank you!

Phillip E. Hardy, Scénariste

Carmen: that's a beautiful thing.

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