Screenwriting : "LOVING" Script_pdf by Theresa Clark

Richard "RB" Botto

Looking forward to reading this one, Theresa. Hear nothing but amazing things about the script and the film.

Theresa Clark

Looking forward to it as well. Richard. I saw the documentary to this true story years ago and was surprised it was made into a movie!

Paul Mahoney

Thanks, Theresa.

Jean Buschmann

Thanks for sharing the script link, Theresa! I loved that the film wasn't sentimentalized (verbally). The acting was superb, and the silences spoke volumes - which makes me very interested in reading the script, especially since Jeff Nichols wrote and directed it. That kinda' makes it a perfect example of what to include and what to leave to directors' and actors' interpretation. I was curious about that as I watched, so this link is sweet serendipity!

Richard Willett

Thanks, Theresa. I loved this movie. And it couldn't be more timely. I thought the ending was breathtaking.

Beth Fox Heisinger

If you love this movie and script, perhaps watch the HBO documentary: "The Loving Story." It's amazing. It won a Peabody. Nothing like seeing the real people, hearing their experience first hand. The documentarians had access to 16MM B&W film of the Lovings, and of those involved. Plus beautiful still photography. They also interview their now adult children. Anyway, do watch it. In being familiar with the documentary first before I even knew of the dramatized film, I was blown away by the performances in "Loving." They truly captured the Lovings, both now passed away. :) Thanks for sharing this script, Theresa!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Oh, I should also mention... This documentary directly inspired the narrative film. It was sent to Jeff Nichols—do a film about the Lovings!!! ;)

Beth Fox Heisinger

Here's an interview with Jeff Nichols, Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton—"Loving" Q&A | 2016 Film Independent Forum. In it they discuss the film, the script, the approach and their process. Enjoy!

Louis Sihler

Reads very easily. I was reading it wondering who wrote it, didn't realize it was the already made film!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Yes, the script is so well written. Jeff Nichols wrote and directed. ;)

Louis Sihler

Yes, very well written. :)

Dan MaxXx

Great opening dialogue-- "I'm pregnant."

Jean Buschmann

Thanks, Beth!

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