Screenwriting : Let us drink from the cup of our endless creativity by Travis Sharp

Travis Sharp

Let us drink from the cup of our endless creativity

I'm not 100% sure if this is totally fitting for this lounge but it is midnight and I've had some wine. Friends, I have written some good stuff here and there but tonight I have gotten fully into my first masterpiece. I am on a writing high and I want to share it with you all. If you are struggling, if you are dealing with rejection and self doubt as we all do... I invite you to attach your soul to my current enthusiasm. What is this world if it's a world without story tellers? For all the times you've left a movie and thought, "dammit, I could write something better than that!" then your time is now. Don't worry about what others want or think. Don't constrict your creative mind to what you think the world might want. Be bold, write like the mad geniuses we are. Grab the world of screenwriting by its undercarriage and hold it up to the world and scream.... "I will succeed because I will be true to my creative heart and I will break down any barriers that dare step in my way." Failure be damned, full speed ahead, and godspeed to all you fine people. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Patricia Poulos


Bill Costantini

In vino, veritas! In bocca al lupo.....Scritturo Felicem vino-bere cane!

Stephen Barber

Good sh*t!

Travis Sharp

The Dude Abides, my friends.

James Drago


Erik Grossman

I'll drink to that.

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