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Screenwriting : Looking to Collaborate by Anne Alexander Sieder

Anne Alexander Sieder

Looking to Collaborate

I'm an actor with lots of ideas looking to collaborate on screenplays for short films... I have several ideas, treatments, outlines and even the beginnings of scripts and would love to bounce ideas back and forth.

Tony Sanchez Martinez

Have you tried studios.amazon.com you can upload a script and find collaborators if you choose. I have a script that needs feedback. Please check out my script. http://studios.amazon.com/projects/41770

CJ Walley

I'm always interested in bouncing ideas back and forth about shorts Anne :)

Kristofer Atkinson

Lets talk! I am always interested in gaining more and my selfish inner child always wants feedback ;-) Shoot me your idea!

Walter Pérez

Excellent, I would like to share and collaborate on ideas. Please, feel free to contact me - waltpperez@gmail.com

Johnny Cinematic

Have you found Plotbot.com yet? It's a collaborative app that works within your internet browser. More than one person can write the screenplay! I would love to try that out sometime...

Joe Parker

Hi. I'm a screenwriter and I'd be interested in shooting some ideas around. And perhaps I could help get your idea on paper.

Jon Logan

I'm a screenwriter

Anne Alexander Sieder

I've taken a look at amazon studios and would be interested in using their cork board to collaborate... not so sure about uploading a script. I'm thrilled with the response to my collaboration request :-) I'll contact each one of you individually and see if what I'm working on sparks your creative energies.

Tony McFadden

plotbot actually looks like a half-decent collaboration tool...

Joseph Bechor

Hi We are always looking please send an email post anything that you have will be more than happy to look at it

Eddie Bankert

Feel free to interact, check out some of my projects and i'm always up for back and forth, or just writing banter. thanks

Anne Alexander Sieder

Hey Alle, I've just now gotten the chance to get back to you about collaborating on a screenplay. As I said in my first message, I have several premises that I'm currently working on. How do you like to work? Should we Skype and see if we are "sympatico"? Would you like me to send you a short synopsis of my screenplays? What genre do you prefer working on? The three I'm currently working on are very different. One is a quirky comedy, the other is a very black comedy and the third is a drama. I look forward to your response. Best, Anne

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