Screenwriting : Sci-Fi Webinar with Marc Zicree by Nancy Golden

Nancy Golden

Sci-Fi Webinar with Marc Zicree

Just finished the Stage 32 Webinar "Keys to Delivering Exceptional Science Fiction Writing" with Marc Zicree and it was excellent. If it becomes available on demand or runs again I certainly recommend it. Marc is both a great source of information and an awesome motivational speaker. Thanks to Stage 32 for arranging this resource to be available and thanks to Marc for a great webinar!

Richard "RB" Botto

Glad found it useful, Nancy! I thought Marc knocked it out of the park as well. Appreciate you taking the time to post and share your experience. Means a great deal to me and the team!

Amanda Toney

Thanks Nancy! I met Marc during Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32 and was blown away by his knowledge. So glad you loved the webinar!

Nancy Golden

My pleasure - I really appreciate the wonderful multitude of opportunities that Stage 32 facilitates for creatives, from networking to improving our craft and beyond. Thanks to both of you and the entire Stage 32 team - I know it's a lot of hard work behind the scenes!

Richard "RB" Botto

My staff is the hardest working on the planet, in my humble opinion. Thanks for taking the time to recognize their efforts!

James Drago

I took this as well. Fantastic webinar. To be able to get the perspective from someone this advanced is invaluable.

Karyn Folan

I loved it too! It was so cool hearing him talk about working with and writing some of the great episodes from some favorite sci-fi shows. I think his classes sound cool, too.

Richard "RB" Botto

Certainly has gained a wealth of knowledge along the way! Love that he now chooses to pay it forward.

Bill Taub

When I was hired to develop "Friday the 13th-The Series" back in the Stone Age, a genre that wasn't exactly in my sweet spot -- the first thing i did was tell them to get me that guy who wrote the 'Twilight Zone Companion' book. And they did. It was the best move I could make. It was just the two of us and Marc was great to collaborate with. He has the best fingers in the business. When we were pitching ideas to each other he'd hold up his hand and go through all ten fingers quickly rattling off ten different great ideas! "We could do this. And this...and this...". He made the task of doing 26 episodes that much easier. Didn't know he did a webinar. A great way to go these days. I'll have to check it out. I'm building a subscription course 'How To Be A Scriptwriter And Put A Roof Over Your Head' based on my book "Automatic Pilot" and my side hustle -- everybody in a creative field should have one! And here's a huge shout out to Richard "RB" Botto and his staff for always giving back! To all a healthy and prosperous new year ahead! Cut and paste this link for a New Years' Wish!

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