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Thomas Dison

Screenwriting Partners

Hello everyone, I have been trying to write for the past few weeks and I’m finding it difficult. Where I am in the US in TN there aren’t a lot of other writers and I feel like I’ll never make it most the time. I’ve been looking for anyone to talk to about writing so please hit me up if you want to bounce ideas or know where I can go to do so. Thanks!

Jason Mirch

Hey Thomas Dison! I saw that you were a member of the Stage 32 Writers' Room at one time. I think you should jump back in there. There are thousands of other writers who are members who also want to connect and collaborate. We have been getting some great partnerships forming as a result of the room. Email me at and I will hook you up with a free month to get back in.

Then I think you should introduce yourself in the Private Lounge and let folks know you want to connect and collaborate. You will be surprised at the response. I will look for your email.

MB Stevens

Hey Thomas Dison I'm always happy to talk about writing. We can do it virtually if that works for you. Onward and upward.

Thomas Dison

Sure! You can email me at with anything!

Debbie Croysdale

Hi @Thomas I talk about writing and directing 24/7

Art Wasem

I am in Nashville What part of TN are you in? I’d be glad to talk . You can google me to find my website and number.

Doug Nelson

Debbie I'd be happy to talk with you about the visionary and practical elements of directing any time.

Kelly Hendrickse

Hey Thomas! I can totally relate. I’d be happy to chat any time about writing, the process, and bouncing ideas off each other!

Emily J

I’m in LA and it weirdly happens here too! Always down to talking writing. What kind of stuff do you write?

William Martell

Write because you want to write. Because you have stories to tell. "Making it" is partially out of your control, and don't worry about things that are out of your control.

(I say partially out of your control, because the quality of your writing is in your control - and that's the most important part!)

When you are just beginning, you are learning - so do the very best that you can do... but know that you are going to get better at this with each screenplay that you finish. The average professional screenwriter wrote (and rewrote) 9 screenplays before ever earning a cent, so don't expect miracles right out of the gate. You are learning. Making progress with every new script. Keep moving forward!

But you need to love the writing part, because that's all you control.

Ingrid Wren

Hi Thomas! I'm based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia... effectively at the edge of the world, so I can't get much farther away! Since I joined the Writers' Room here on Stage 32 I've met the most wonderful group of like minded creatives to talk and discuss with, and who are helping keep me sane through all the ups and downs of life as I currently know it.

My writing is improving, my story ideas are cascading, I've learned how to pitch and I have loads of stories to tell. I recommend you take up Jason Mirch 's suggestion to join the Writers' Room. It will make a difference!

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