Screenwriting : Script consultant recommendations? by Isaac Lipnick

Isaac Lipnick

Script consultant recommendations?

I just finished my first screenplay. Now I want to get feedback from a professional script consultant/reader, but I am but a humble waiter. Any recommendations in the $100-150 range?

Pierre Langenegger

Isaac, I've sent you a friend invite. I'm happy to discuss this further with you.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Good news is that you don't have to go too far for coverage... :) - best of luck

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Tomasz- Finally pulled the trigger and just spent the $49 for 1st 10 page coverage with Agustine Calderon. Thanks to you and and RB for all the help on this journey to bring "Hope Saves Manhattan' to the big screen.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Hi Steven. That's awesome. Agustine from RatPac Entertainment is really great, that's a good first pick for sure. According to our testimonials, Becky Fink recently scored a general meeting with him after he reviewed her script in the coverage program. ( Do let me know how it goes.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Tomasz- Thanks. I picked him after hearing his interview @ On Stage with RB. I will let you know. Again thanks. I am going to read Becky Fink's testimony now.

Josh Hughes

Honestly if it's your first I would just post it to a few people on here for free feedback. As we hear time and time again a first script isn't gold.

Wayne Taylor

Isaac I suggest you get some fellow writers to look it over first. I usually don't pay for coverage until I've done a ton of rewrites. You are only wasting your money by submitting early drafts.

Laurie Ashbourne

A word of caution if you are submitting to someone for free feedback. You can be chasing your tail following notes from someone who is at the same level of the craft as you, so do your due diligence. That said, there are tons of charlatans out there so you are right to ask for recommendations.. If it is a first draft and you can honestly say you've got it to the best level then get professional feedback. If it's a first draft and you know that it needs work on a particular area (such as dialogue or tone or plot) specify that within a group of peers as ask kindly if someone could look at this particular area. Reading a script and offering CONSTRUCTIVE notes takes time and you need to respect that and perhaps offer something in return if you go the 'free' route, and really, at the end of the day you get what pay for.

Josh Hughes

When you ask for free notes you should understand that suggestions could be crap. But even with professional recommendations you have to pick apart what is good and bad for you and the story. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Thivanka Perera

Most coverage services are rip-offs, be very careful when using them. The 'readers' are mostly wannabe writers (like many of us), so yes, take their advice with a grain of salt.

Wayne Taylor

What Laurie says is true. Never go by the review of one amateur writer. Always get at least 3 before I do a rewrite. I look at the first 3 reviews I get and see what common problem those reviewers find. Screenplays are subjective and one person's opinion is just an opinion, but if everyone is finding the same problem you must fix it. I highly recommend for new writers. Peer reviews and if you happen to have one of the top 3 scores of the month you get a free review from the staff.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

What Thivanka says about coverage services may be the case on other websites. Here on Stage 32, when you're picking coverage you can chose a specific executive who will read your script. They're all vetted and qualified, so there's no risk of amateur reviewing your writing.

Matt Hurd

Hi Isaac! Lots of great advice in this thread. As Tomasz mentioned, here at Stage 32 Happy Writers, we offer the exact writing services you're looking for. Thivanka's right that the quality of coverage services can vary wildly across the internet, but you don't have to be concerned about that with us: our feedback comes from working industry executives (something you can't get anywhere else!). Our services are designed to help writers at every level, offering concrete, actionable feedback on your work. Josh is right that first drafts may not be gold...but in that case, our services offer the Midas touch. Like you, I did my fair share of time as a humble waiter (among other things), so I completely understand the desire/need to spend carefully. There are a few approaches that we offer that'll help with that: our First Ten Pages read, as the name suggests, allows you to submit just the all-important first ten pages of your script for feedback at a lower cost:( If you're ready for full Development Notes, we've got those too - right in the price range you're looking for: I hope this is helpful, and please, feel free to message me here or email me at with any further questions!

Erik Grossman

Everyone has said what needs to be said regarding coverage, so here's an emoji kirby instead: O-(^.^Q)

Regina Lee

Agree with those who've said you get what you pay for. But I'd also advise that you consider your intent. Are you self-producing the movie, trying to get into an MFA program with the script, trying to win a fellowship, trying to write something more sell-able, etc. That will impact what type of reader(s) you choose. Good luck!

Isaac Lipnick

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I really appreciate it! I am new here, but this seems like a great community/resource.

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