Screenwriting : Script needs more comedy by Nadia Sahari

Nadia Sahari

Script needs more comedy

I have written a script, but need to make some minor changes and additions. i would like a more exciting opening and more comedy from my characters. Any funny people here that would like to help?

Domingo Claudio

Let's see it! While I focus more of a dramatic sense, I have been known to have the occasional funny scene or two.

Brian Knight

Some people say I'm funny. Maybe that's funny looking. I have a bit of time, can't make any guarantees. I really have to become the characters to be able to write for them.

Danny Manus

Nadia, there are writers and consultants out there who do comedy polishes, including myself, where we punch up jokes, sharpen lines, create stronger setups for comedy, etc. If thats something youre interested in, pls message me!

Nadia Sahari

Thank you for the comments, they are all valuable.

Tony Cella

I'm happy to help. I've had some of my comedy shorts produced. Please shoot me an email at if you'd like to swap scripts.

Tamim Almousa

I'm a comedian. I can take a look at it if you like.

Shawn Davis

How about you post a scene that you think needs work and lets see who can make it pop for you. Just a thought. Shawn......><

William Martell

The real problem: Unless you are producing this script yourself, a spec screenplay is most often a "job application" for assignment work. Instead of the script selling to a producer, it is a writing sample which the producer uses to hire a writer for an assignment... and if someone else wrote the comedy and exciting opening, that will end up an issue when they expect you to have those skills. Best thing to do is work to develop those skills yourself rather than have someone else do those things for you. In fact, that's a big answer for almost everything: learn to develop the skills yourself rather than paying someone to do those things for you.

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