Screenwriting : Silver Lining ... by Randy Gross

Randy Gross

Silver Lining ...

Got a second rejection yesterday, but rather than remain disheartened I think I prefer to look at the silver lining. Earlier this year, I decided to make use of the results of a screenwriting contest (a Top 50 finish, but not a win) in a pitch I was sending to several agencies that represent writers. And now, five months later, I receive word that my pilot script, “Not So Ordinary Joe,” was given a score of “2” (which translates to “consider,” with a “1” being pass and a “3” recommend) with the reviewer saying things like “I think this would be a great comedy series,” and “this pilot has great potential for being a funny, lighthearted, witty-bantered show.” Although the agency ultimately decided “it’s a pass for now,” it’s progress. So I’ll take it.

Craig D Griffiths

Randy Gross if this was your first thing, that is amazing. My first writing I could use to line a cat’s litter box.

Your next step is to write more. Write a new pilot, a feature, a short, whatever your style is. The more and different things you write the better you get.

When they see your next things they’ll be excited. It’s from Randy we nearly purchased his previous work. Learn and grow. You are a writer. Which means you will write many things in your life.

Dan MaxXx

Craig, agencies don’t buy scripts. How does a pass mean a “ purchase”? Soft pass, number grades, whatever- a pass is a pass.

Randy, Keep writing new material. As long as the people you contacted haven’t been fired/quit/change companies, it might be a quicker read on your next submission.

Imo Wimana Chadband

You've got the right spirit, Randy. Keep at it. Even if this wasn't something they wanted at the moment, they didn't just reject your project. Like suggested by those before me, write on, and continue submitting. You've got a foot in the door, keep going until your entire body is in.

Best wishes to you bro.

Craig D Griffiths

Sorry Dan MaxXx skipped it being an agent. Of course agents don’t buy work.

Oh yeah. Forgot you like to point out mistakes.

Louis Tété

Just don't give up Randy, many writers fail because they give up. Be proud to have at least received positive thoughts, it's a win by itself. Just continue to write new stuff.

Randy Gross

Thank you all for your kind and helpful words of encouragement!

Doug Nelson

Every swing & a miss puts you one step closer to a hit.

Thuy Hugens

Every step closer is a win in my book. Keep writing and learning.

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