Screenwriting : What I Learned From My 2nd & 3rd Screenplays by Richard "RB" Botto by Clare McGlinchey

Clare McGlinchey

What I Learned From My 2nd & 3rd Screenplays by Richard "RB" Botto

Beth Fox Heisinger

Thanks for sharing, Clare! RB's always been an advocate for discovering your own way, developing what works best for you. :)

Shawn Speake

Thanks for sharing, Clare!

Debbie Croysdale

It's amazing how many early scripts the writer struggles with the "middle". Thanks for sharing this is universal RB, aswell as other ideas in the mix.

Jim Fisher

I re-read my first script after finishing my fifth. Boy, did it suck.

Shane M Wheeler

Jim, I know the feeling.

Peter Nørgaard

As we all know, construction of houses fundaments come before the roof, the walls after the fundaments and the roof in the (sometimes) happy end. Based on very good preperations, the houses will be build by clever people, and will stand for decades. Without respect to this people, the phases and the order ... KAPOWS. I have - from the BASIC idea - build 15 % (= 2 movies, 10 doc´s & 2 TV features) of all the activities developed & produced independtly. And, offcourse, make sales through different distributors in many countries. The 80 % never find a fundament, but the 5 % goes in the right directions. Until now no ... KAPOW.

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