Screenwriting : Words in a script by Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew

Words in a script

How many words are in a half hour format. I'm on celtx and they don't go by pages.

Susan Holtzer

That's exactly why I dumped Celtx and transitioned to Final Draft. Ridiculous not to have page counts on scripts (or anything else, for that matter.)

Vidas Pliodzinskas

Celtx has it, you just have to click the "Typeset/PDF" tab on the bottom bar.

Susan Holtzer

Vidas, I just think that's too clumsy and ham-handed to deal with. I want to be able to see page counts whenever. I often check the page counts of a scene if I think I've been over-writing, for instance. And I think it just annoys me that they made something so basic so difficult.

Vidas Pliodzinskas

There is always a typewriter and Microsoft Word.

Richard Toscan

When it comes to screenwriting software, you get what you pay for, or what you don't pay for in the case of Celtx.

Chris Hackett

I like the workflow of having to check pages. like to just write and edit after. But I'd rather start with a copious plate to work from. If your work has to stay tight I can understand staying away.

Anthony Moore

Celtx does have a page count. You just have to click the "Type set/PDF" tab at the bottom. Each PDF page is a minute of action, so 30 pages is your answer. I've tried a few others with mixed results. I written several screenplays with Celtx and found that its one of the better FREE screenwriting programs. When I go pro, Ill definitely be investing in a copy of Final Draft.

Wesley Reid

If you can afford it, invest in Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter, they're industry standard script software and they give page count, which is what you need since one page of script basically equals one minute of film.

D Marcus

No one has answered the question. How many words are in a half hour format?

Jakeb Maryott

Hey Brian, there's no tried and true number of words for the half-hour format because the number of words depends on what sort of vocabulary you're using in the script. Genre, character types, all sorts of factors can influence that. I recommend reading the script out loud (time it with a stopwatch). It's also a great way to test dialogue readability.

Anthony Moore

@D Marcus - The question was incorrect to begin with. When preparing a script, PAGE count is the measure that is used to determine the format length, not WORD count. It doesn't matter how many words are on the page only that those words give rise to meaning within the finite time frame. 30 minutes = 30 pages.

D Marcus

@Mr. Moore - Brian's question wasn't incorrect. It is a very honest, real question from a writer looking for information.

Rafael Pinero

The answer to the question is 30 pages, and this is depending on the action and the dialogue, if you have a lot of scenes without dialogues and there's a lot of action, then one page might not equal one minute.

Rafael Pinero

But I can't really say how many words.

Pierre Langenegger

That question simply cannot be answered. Find a way to get a page count.

Pierre Langenegger

Massive difference, isn't it, Sam.

Eoin O'Sullivan

Turn on Pagination in Celtx to see the page count

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