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Screenwriting : Wow! Stumbled on this thread by Chris McQuarrie about "breaking in" by PJ Edwards

PJ Edwards

Wow! Stumbled on this thread by Chris McQuarrie about "breaking in"

I‘m receiving a lot of questions from writers asking where to submit scripts or how to sell them. Others ask how to sign an agent, attach directors or producers, etc.

You won’t like the answer, but here it is:

You’re asking the wrong questions. (Thread)


He says that as writers we are asking the wrong question, we should be making our own work because everything else is just the lottery. He has played it and is still playing it with no luck but he got as far as he did because he did it himself.

Just some food for thought. I recommend reading the entire thing.

Pierre Langenegger

And you're surprised?

Jim Boston

PJ, thanks for putting this post up!

Jean Buschmann

Welcome to reality - if the light is too bright, here's a perfect pair of sunglasses, not rose-colored, amber. (To balance the instant cynicism that harsh truth can induce.)

- It's a quote added to that very same feed, by Jen McGowan, you can see it if you scroll down...

Oct 23 Replying to @chrismcquarrie

I love this thread but would like to add an angle.

The more you network horizontally the more you will find people who need what you do.

Stop looking up. Look sideways.

The wonderful thing about this biz is we all need one another.

Balance in all things, always. That one is my personally crafted quote, but please feel free to embrace it, it loves hugs. - 'Cuz the truth is lonely. (Most people prefer self-delusion. - And I say that without judgment, since we've ALL been there. - Some drive by, others visit, and many are lifers.)

Chad Stroman

CJ Walley Hey, don't knock it. One of these days someone's going to return to me with one of the thousands of glass slippers I've left lying around and then we'll see how the shoe fits. ;)

Melanie Star Scot

I saw this thread on Facebook this morning, so it's rapidly making its rounds. It has a lot of value. But I also love Jen McGowan's response that Jean Buschmann posted. Personally, I think there are multiple ways of "breaking in"....and you just keep knocking and keep knocking until the right door opens.

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