Post-Production : Digital VFX by Michal Moc

Michal Moc

Digital VFX

Hi I work with Nuke (from The Foundry) and I am available for your movies. Nuke is composting software for special effects. For a paid job I can assemble a small team of experienced people. My specialty is stereoscopy (S3D or 3D as people sometimes call it).

Will Paguntalan

Nuke is THE premiere compositing sofware! I should love to use it someday, for now I must composite my compost on good ol AE, good luck. (and watch for typos)

Ben Tobin

I hear you can remove compression artifacts like moire with Nuke sometimes. Do you do that at all?

Nathanael Gabel

I find its quicker to do things in A.E. as far as animating with key frames, render it out to take into Nuke for the high end compositing!

Ben Tobin

I have this dragon project I'm trying to accomplish. Have the dragon as a model [not rigged] and the shots.

Jose Rodriguez

Hey Michal, do you have an online portfolio I may view?

Michal Moc

not yet- I am too busy with projects. But hope to finish my showreel soon.

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