Stage 32 Meetups : Georgia Meet-up by Dominique Walker

Dominique Walker

Georgia Meet-up

Hello, I've realized that I have 'added' a lot f you and don't even know more of you. I'd like to arrange a meet up Georgia in June. Somewhere everyone can get to and a day that everyone wouldn't be too busy. I have my mind on the 21st but am open to suggestions. This meet up is on the basis of getting to know one another and collaboration. Coffee shop, the park, a library, etc.... Looking forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Gaines

Sounds fantastic however, I won't be in the state Mid-June to Late-July. I'll connect with everyone in the mean time.

Hugo Keijzer

Currently working on a screenplay set in Georgia. Probably there in July. Would love to meet you guys.

Benjie Anderson

Sounds like a plan, Dominique. Keep us posted on how/when that might come together. I've met and meet a lot of people here. I'd be elated to have all the necessary components get together; financing, writers, directors, talent, distribution, marketing, promotion, etc., to actually produce some feature film(s), TV, stage, etc. I'm hungry (literally and figuratively). As Arsenio Hall said... "Let's get busy!"

Robert D. Miles

I in Chattanooga Tn. Please let me know what you all set up. High Regards Robert D. Miles

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