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Jorge J Prieto, an Actor from Corona, Queens County, New York was just hired for the project titled "Charlie - a short film (ACTORS needed)". Congratulations!

Fiona Faith Ross

Hey! Congrats!

Jorge J Prieto

I want to thank Stage 32 film maker Chad Quinn, for giving me this opportunity of working on this compelling, suspenseful, (disturbing in a good way) psychological thriller, as Charlie's "good boss". Last and most importantly THANK YOU - STAGE 32 family - Richard "RB" Botto , because if it wasn't for YOU and the GREAT TEAM of CREATIVE ARTIST that support YOU and ALL of US in this platform/community, I wouldn't have never gotten this job, MY FIRST in film as I've worked as an actor for many years now in the New York & New Jersey local stages. THANKS again from the bottom of my heart. Now I need to get back to my rewrite of a screenplay I will be sending to THE NEW BLOOD contest. I wish ALL my fellow writers GOOD LUCK. Last I want to repeat a quote which I posted on my wall last week or so and which is so appropriate this morning. " Believe you can and you're half way there" Theodore Roosevelt. I LOVE IT! Cheers!!!!

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks, Fiona, you are the first (after our great "RB") to congratulate me and it FEELS GOOD to be on the SUCCESS STORIES LIST . I'm loving it! Lol...

Fiona Faith Ross

Nothin' to beat the sweet smell of success! We're all gettin' there...

Eric Westlake

Congratulations, Jorge.

Boomer Murrhee

I'm so happy for you Jorge!

Chad Quinn

Hey Jorge, love your energy and passion. The best art is a result of a collaborative effort. Having talent like you attached will help take this project to the next level.

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks to each and EVERYONE of Stage 32. Your words of encouragement fill my soul. To you CHAD, I know this is just the beginning of great things to come with this project and others to follow with God's blessings.

Suzanne Lutas

Way to go Jorge!

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks, Suzanne.

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks, Kathryn. You are always there for everyone with kind words. Cheers, girlfriend!

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