Success Stories: NOV'23 First Script Request!

Aaron Wroblewski

First Script Request!

Got my first script request through Stage32! So excited!!

Jorge J Prieto

Yeahhhhh, Aaron, congrats!!

Kevin Scott Finkbeiner

How were you able to do it? Did you upload a PDF and a producer/someone read it? Or did you put up a logline and get a response?

Terri Viani

Congrats Aaron!

Boomer Murrhee

Congratulations. Hopefully this is only the beginning to something special.

Stephen Barber

Great work, Aaron!

Keith Betts

Awesome Aaron is your new name !

Aaron Wroblewski

Thanks everyone :) Kevin, it was from a pitch session on yesterday, just received a message saying they wanted to see my script. First pitch was a disaster... think I got a 1 out of 5... so I rewrote it... And after a friend gave me more feedback I sent it in. So excited :)

Jorge J Prieto

My fear. Having a hard time writing my pitch, since I don't have the right equipment for live pitch. The perfect written pitch is as hard or harder than a logline, but there are hundreds of sample loglines online and not a single written pitch. Frustrating.

Aaron Wroblewski

Hi Jorge, I know what you mean. My first pitch (for the same tv series pilot) was a disaster. I had way too much information in it, had about 2 full sentences in a 2-page pitch, and the whole thing was fractured. After several stiff drinks... and about two weeks of no writing... I went back and rewrote it, and even that I needed a friend to read it over and give me pointers. It's a hard line to write enough to entice, but not too much. I'll probably always do written pitches, I get way to nervous, and I'd either freeze completely, or ramble and make no sense. If you need, I can send you my pitch? Give you some idea for your own?

Jorge J Prieto

Thanks,Aaron, I really appreciate it, that would help me a great deal. Pm it to me. Thanks, brother. BTW, I send you a network request, if you'll have me?

David Fresina

Congrats Aaron!

Aaron Wroblewski

Congrats Jim, was it last sunday too? Have you pitched before? Sorry to bombard you with questiond, lol, just nice to pick someone's brain who has gone through the pitching. The email said to allow 2 to 3 months, always hate the waiting... lol

Aaron Wroblewski

Cheers David :) fingers crossed, still early days, but compared to my first pitch this was a total shock.

Nancy Newbauer

Wonderful news Aaron! I received my first request last week also. It was my fourth attempt. My third attempt had a PASS, but my feedback was good enough the exe said he would take a second look at it. Figured I was headed in the right direction. What I've learned (and IMO got me the request) was to totally concentrate on character ... describe the heck out of them ... then add plot as necessary) BTW - I feel like you do ... I think I express myself (and my script) better in a written pitch. Again, congrats - hope they love your script! 2 to 3 month wait - ugh! :)

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