Success Stories: FEB'16 Happy Writer!

Talece Brown

Happy Writer!

Producer Xiaoyun Luo found me on Stage 32 and hired me to write her first feature "When The Last Sakura Petal Falls." A love story set in Japan. It has been a joy to work with her and have the opportunity to research the subtle cultural elements that make her story so interesting. As a Producer, she gave me clear guides for her plot line and the flexibility to flesh out her treatment. An intense three weeks of working with such a generous Producer has resulted in a collaboration I am very proud to have written. Stage 32 is a marvel. You manage to bring the best people to the table and open doors to filmmakers of every level. Another thumbs up from another very Happy Writer! Thank you, Talece.

Talece Brown

Great working experience from Producer to Project! :)

Emma J Steele

Congratulations, Talece, fantastic news!

Mark LaFever

Talece, congratulations on your success and on having participated in this awesome experience. Wishing you more of the same!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Awesome. Congrats Talece.

Yasushi Asaya

Congrats, Talece!

Tom Rooney

Sounds a dream Tal. Well done. Tom

Suzanne Lutas

Wonderful news, huge congrats Talece!

Mark LaFever

Congrats Tal, that's awesome!

Talece Brown

Thank you all for so many nice comments. It really helps me find the spirit to keep the rewriting blues at bay. Writers are the best part of the industry and you inspire me to be better. :). Tal.

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