Success Stories: OCT'19 Main supporting role in a film

Mia Hunter

Main supporting role in a film

Good Afternoon, Everyone. I now have a main supporting role in a film, thanks to stage 32!! Jerry Addis will be directing the film. I am so excited!!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Mia, that's fantastic!! Congratulations! Make sure you share behind the scenes photos once you get into production :)

Mia Hunter

Thanks, Julie. I will.

Amanda Toney

CONGRATS!! This is awesome! :)

Mia Hunter

Thank you, Shannon..

Amyana Bartley

Congrats Mia! Wishing you all the success in the world!:))

Mia Hunter

Thanks, Amyana.

Bob Barr


Epic Acg

Great to you!

Mia Hunter

Thank you! Bob and Epic.

Debbie Elicksen

Whoot! Congratulations!

Mia Hunter

Thanks!! Debbie.

Cameron Miller

well done, go and make it yours

David William Broughton

Well done Enjoy!

Mia Hunter

Thank you, Cameron and David.

Rod Thompson

Congratulations Mia! That's wonderful, I wish you all the best and with confidence, go get your dreams!

Mia Hunter

Thanks! Rod.

Keith Helton

Big Congrats Mia!

Mia Hunter

Thanks! Keith.

Jeremy Kriss

Congrats on your success.

Mia Hunter

Thanks, Jeremy.

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