Success Stories: JUL'26 Robin Royce hired as Production Manager | The Woodlands (2017)

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Production Manager hired through Stage 32 Jobs

Robin Royce, a Production Manager from Amsterdam, Netherlands was just hired for the project titled "The Woodlands (2017) ". Congratulations!

Robynn Lin Fredericks

Congrats, Robin!

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, Robin. Go make us proud

Robin Royce Busscher

Thanks all! :D

Jonah King

Good Job ;)

James Drago

Congratulations, Robin!

Dan MaxXx

Odd production. Crew hires from all over the globe but the shoot location is in PA. Why would you hire a Location Manager from Overseas instead of a local? Who s paying housing for crew, work permits? Just odd

Robin Royce Busscher

I think and hope that he knows what he is doing. It's a paid production.... Some crew members want to have international experience. So that's the reason i want to come over for this production.

Dan MaxXx

Robin Thats great . But are you paying for own airfare & housing? U will need a car for location scouting and a Work Visa?

Robin Royce Busscher

The airfare is no problem for me.... I think they fix housing for the crew. I also hope there is a production car available. The work visa can i fix by myself. :) I think i get more information the next days.

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