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Success Stories: AUG'13 Sript Request by Zero Gravity Management

Sript Request by Zero Gravity Management

Thanks to the dedicated feedback I received from my peers, Brandon and Joey, I took elements of my written pitch apart and put them into a query letter (shot in the dark) and I sent it to Zero Gravity Management, who have now requested the script! I'm not one to get overexcited as I know this is just a step on a long journey, but the step taken is re-assuring that as a writer, someone shares your vision. Happy writing folks, stay hungry!!

Boomer Murrhee

Way to go SA! May this be only a beginning...good luck

Emma J Steele

Fantastic, S.A.! Good luck with the read!

S.A. Hussain

Thanks people

Jorge J Prieto

Congrats, S.A. Best of luck, brother.

Marcia Chandler Rhea

A big congratulations to you! Good luck with the read!!!

Jimmy Latimer Jr.


Brett A. Moore


Weston Mueller

Awesome! Keep up the good work and make it happen! Hit me up about it if you'd like. ~ Weston

Starleigh Caldwell

Great job!!

Dawson Howard

Well done and good luck

Frank D'Angeli (aka Douglas Wentworth)

You have a right to get excited, getting a 'read' is great. When you think of all the writers out there querying probably thousands of execs with millions of pitches...the mind boggles. Good luck!

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