Success Stories: APR'30 Stage32 for Success

Betty Sullivan

Stage32 for Success

Hi Everyone, I thought I would take some time and share a few ways Stage32 has assisted me with my writing career. Stage32 has allowed me to make connections with key players and execs in the industry. Through that I obtained meetings to further development my projects. I've also gotten some very useful feedback and notes as well as made some friends in the process. :) Stage32 also gave me the chance to participate and place in contests as well. Overall I recommend Stage32 highly for any writers in any stage of their careers. Grateful, Betty Sullivan

Betty Sullivan

Thank you Christine. :)

Patricia Garretson

I'm new to this and would love advise or referrals for a writing course/ training sessions/ to free my creativity and receive feedback from successful writers.

Loretta Glover

Also, courses with Scott Myers are good as you receive input from him and your classmates regularly.

Larenzo Simmons

Good stuff! Love seeing stories like this

Deana Moody

Congrats wish you the best.

Geveryl Robinson

Congratulations!! Much success to you, Betty!

Suzanne Lutas

Best of luck Betty!

Betty Sullivan

Thank you Suzanne. Best, Betty

Ken Belsky

Going to take your advice. Appreciate your recommendation. Stage 32. Thank God for CITIZEN KANE!!

Jacqueline D. A. Lam

Good luck Betty!

Ken Belsky

It's got to feel good to move forward in your career. What do you find is the most effective use of Stage 32 for you as a writer?

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