On stage with rb - january 2015 | Stage 32 Staff - Julie

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Stage 32 Staff - Julie

On Stage with RB - January 2015

In this broadcast, for 3 hours RB went over site features and had on 2 special guests:

Our first guest Rachel Chervin, (Development Department at Lorne Michael’s company, Broadway Video: Saturday Night Live, Portlandia) talked about using your resources in the best way to get the best result with targeting a production company you want to work with. She explains why it’s not a good idea to send the wrong script to the wrong production company (for example, a low-budget horror script to a mid-budget rom-com production company). She talks about why you shouldn’t go after “catching the wave” with copy-cat material. Finally, don’t get lost in the chatter and bring your own interpretation.

Our second guest, Conrad Meridian Artists talks about how a boutique firm like Meridian has 70 clients between Canada and LA. He talks about the Canadian market as it relates to American talent and writers and how recently one of his clients was staffed BoJack Horseman. He’s seeing a trend of taking on former feature writers and bringing them into the TV world. He talks about the single most important thing a writer or filmmaker can do to stand out from the rest. He talks about the difference between spec or original pilots and what is best for a writer. He also talks about the importance of contests to find writers.

Then, for close to 2 hours, RB answered questions about anything and everything about the industry:

  • Why did Nightcrawler not receive any nominations?
  • What do you think of the American Sniper controversy?
  • Do you think a writer should have 10 scripts before they seek representation?
  • How can you network on Stage 32 to help collaborate on a project?
  • Should I post even if I may not be fully experienced?
  • RB, do you read the books by the authors that don't write primarily in English? Do you think it is relevant for the Hollywood industry looking outside the English writing world? Have you read a Norwegian K.O. Knausgaard?
  • Is it appropriate to query via social media?
  • When is it appropriate to email executives/managers you don’t know but would like to meet and potentially work with? Is it frowned upon to invite them to a large live show you have coming up? Is it frowned upon to send them links to web series projects you created?
  • The Indiewire article sparks this question. Women in the film biz...a future...advice for women writers, producers, directors?
  • What do you think about Ted Hope going to Amazon?
  • How can Stage 32 get itself added on external sites to the usual lineup of sharing sites? Many sites have the share icons (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). What would it take for Stage32 to get itself added to entertainment/film/tv/video sites?
  • What TV shows are you looking forward to seeing this winter/spring?
  • Would you prefer to watch blockbusters with CGI, glamour etc. or a tightly woven low budget piece?
  • How would you advise working through anxiety when on a short timeline?(Context: I'm a composer).
  • I’m a producer and have a killer dramedy project –would you say that a 1.5M budget is easier to fund than 5M?
  • Have you heard of any new unique tax incentives?
  • You mentioned the major screenwriting contests. For an upcoming writer with no prior productions under their belt, would you suggest a writer submit to many smaller contests for a better chance for their vision being brought to life, or go straight to the major competitions?
  • What are producers looking for in the high-concept sci-fi space?
  • Chicken & Egg: No money / No Actors attachment or No Actors / No Money. How do you get past this problem?
  • How about from the filmmaking angle- approach the big festivals first? Or, go to the smaller festivals and build an audience while going broke?
  • You write a blog every week, you answer every single member, you participate in threads, how do you have time to write your own material?
  • What is your general opinion on studying film production at university or college?
  • Do you see the film in Nabokov's Loughter in the Dark?
  • Usually I write live-action. Now, I'm working on this idea for a animated show focused on comedy. Do you have any advice to me? I'm not an artist to develop visual concepts and fulfill a show bible.
  • I like lo budget sci-fi, what are your thoughts on its marketability?
  • Is there a cap on a spec screenplay, or is it at the discretion of the producer on how much he pays for one?
  • What does RB think Edge of Tomorrow failed at the box office?
  • What are your thoughts about the Oscars nominations?

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