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Loglines & Screenplays by Jessica Rose

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Forest Woods

GENRES: Animation

After being gone for several years traveling the world, Susie Bear realizes she must delay future travels to take care of her parents after she makes her way home and finds not only the home, but her parents and soon other forest animals in much disarray and in great need of care. 


GENRES: Sci-fi

Two strangers in an elevator find out, much to the one's demise, they have more in common than they think.


GENRES: Animation

A wise, older show dog travels across the world constantly battling the notorious Boss Rat and his evil gang all the while becoming reacquainted with her childhood friend. 


GENRES: Thriller

An elementary school teacher and the school janitor realize the past has come to haunt them when an unannounced fire drill happens and they both receive a mysterious text.

Class of 79

GENRES: Comedy

Four high school girlfriends meet in Colorado to attend their 30th high school reunion only to find themselves trying to resist their past pleasures and realizing they can't go back, but can work on changing their futures.

Wash Woods

GENRES: Horror

When two teens are rescued from the ocean, old legends are stirred up when the sheriff's investigation leads back to Wash Woods where they find Satan is still haunting the area.



Beth's dream of having lots of children is short lived, but she is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure she gets the big family she has dreamed of regardless of the consequences.

Life After Death

GENRES: Comedy, Drama

To investigate her grandfather's death, Jenny goes undercover at the nursing home where he lived and not only finds the director is hiding something, Jenny meets a fellow staff member who steals her heart.

What About Gary?


Based on a true story, Gary was born with a very deformed body and was bound for life in an institution, but his father and mother choose to care for him in their own home despite what society thought should be done.

A Funeral Line

GENRES: Drama, Horror

At the funeral viewing of a neighbor,  Elizabeth fails to dodge her newly ex-husband and while standing in the long line to visit with family members and view the body, she finds herself not only in several dramatic stories of who's who, but is caught in the middle of a major jewelry heist that is being conducted by supernatural entities.

The Night Chicago Died


Good cops...bad cops...either in Capone's allegiance or fighting against him, but hearing the story from their side, their lives and how they and their families were affected brings to light another side of the whole Capone story and a twist to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Boarded Up

GENRES: Drama, Horror

A small mountain town is awakened from it's peaceful norm as a child's ghost leads Maria to uncover an unsolved murder that took place in the town at the turn of the 20th century.

Construction Zone


After a construction worker is found hanging on the job site, his friends soon reveal not only that the death was not suicide, but that the area locals have a secret of their own.

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