Loglines & Screenplays by Jefferson McClure

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Dead Man Blues

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

When her Daddy decides to sell her French Quarter nightclub to a soulless corporation, a young, heartsick woman blunders through attempts to seduce the buyer in order to save the club and hold on to the ghost of her deceased fiancé.

Wit's End

GENRES: Comedy, Musical, Romance

When an incognito Hollywood producer visits a 1930s New York speakeasy, a down-on-his-luck writer cajoles his long-suffering best friend to pitch an improvised and fractured comedy of errors that unfolds in the lives of the workers and regulars of the club--only to be hijacked at every turn by his bitter ex-fiancée.

All I Want for Xmas (Short)

GENRES: Comedy, Horror

When a third-rate vampire loses his fangs during a night of holiday debauchery, a trip to a seedy dentist's office leads to elusive visions of nostalgia and lost love.

The MacAbee

GENRES: Action, Comedy

When a recently widowed architect finds himself embroiled in a secret plot to rebuild the Holy Temple of Jerusalem during the World Cup of Team Handball Tournament, he must overcome the power of his religious delusions before the New World Order triggers Armageddon.

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