Loglines & Screenplays by Mary Krell-Oishi

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Best Served Cold

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

A divorcee, ordered to pay alimony to her lazy, lying, cheating husband must learn to defuse her growing anger and start her life over with the help of her anger management class and newfound oddball friends.

Secret Asian Man

GENRES: Action, Comedy

A young, slightly incompetent Korean-American government agent trainee is paired with a sexy, sophisticated slightly middle-aged agent and very unhappy future father-in-law to save his kidnapped fiancé and stop a terrorist plot.

My College Essay

GENRES: Comedy, Family

An Indian American teen struggling with the high academic and cultural demands of his family and his desire to be a “regular kid,” discovers that life is what happens while your parents are busy making other plans.

What Would Meg Ryan Do?

GENRES: Not selected

When Carrie, owner of a struggling family bakery, is forced to accept a loan from her ex husband in order to keep the business going, she discovers that her feelings for him are making the crossover from hate to...what?

A Dog's Tale

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

After his unsettling breakup with his fiance, a man learns to move past his sadness and open himself up for possibilities.

A Day at the Office

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

Can a woman find love with her boss? Maybe...

Going to the Top

GENRES: Thriller

Who is the bully, the uptight businessman or the scruffy loner? In a struggle for power, the two men must come to a resolution.

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