Loglines & Screenplays by Véronique Robert

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GENRES: Comedy

When top Chef Maxime Morel loses the sense of taste his world is turned upside down forcing him to rethink his priorities.


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

When a new species of Androids made out of human DNA and a power source so dangerous it was buried more than a thousand years ago begins to fear for their survival, humanity is at risk.

The Affluent Society

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

In 1956 – When an aspiring screenwriter from Montreal is asked to collaborate with a big production studio in Hollywood, she’s forced to choose between a family she loves and the career she always dreamed of.

Three girls one weekend

GENRES: Comedy

After burying her mother and father within five weeks time, Nadine finds comfort in the company of her two childhood girlfriends during one weekend as they take a trip down memory lane that will change their lives.

The Island

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

Stunned after their father’s death, two newly and unexpectedly bankrupt sisters realize that happiness is sometimes where you least expect it when they reluctantly travel far from home, leaving all behind to take possession of an abandoned sailboat in Martinique.

The Immortals – Story of Eve

GENRES: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi

In the year 2239 after a night of murder and bloodshed, Eve, an Immortal and Olivier her new pet are now on the run from her own kind.

The Immortals (Sequel) –The Velasquez Case

GENRES: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Eve will have to risk her life to prove their innocence as she and Olivier are the prime suspect in the murder of their leaders, Dominic Velasquez as well as find the real killer before time runs out.

Witches and Ghosts

GENRES: Fantasy, Thriller

A couple of girls playing a game of Ouija far from believed in Ghosts but now that they are terrorized by one, they need to find a way to send it back, fast!

Fashion Kills

GENRES: Crime, Fantasy

Being a fashion designer landed her a spot in Paris but when Lea ends up dead, she'll need the help of Angel Nemamiah in order to find the killer so she can cross over to the other side.

The Love Spell

GENRES: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy

In Scotland for a music concert Russel falls for Annabelle, a Fairy but a magic spell transports then to her world where Murder, Magic and Treachery is part of the Equation but only True Love can resolve the Mystery!

Never Fall in Love Again

GENRES: Comedy, Family, Romance

College student Rachel vowed never to fall in love again after realizing that her boyfriend’s been fooling around behind her back with her best friend only to be lifted off her feet by Dave, his best buddy!

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