Brian Alan DeLaney's Reel

brian alan deLaney | horror reel 2018

A few short clips of a couple of horror films I worked on during the past year. Each clip is presented first without the score and then with. contact: email:...

Aniline by brian alan deLaney | composer.

Chamber music for Flute, B♭ Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Percussion and Piano.

RE: Patterns [hitRECord] by brian alan deLaney | composer.

This was my submission for the RE: Patterns episode of hitRECord on TV. As the title may suggest it was written with patterns in mind. The video track that accompanied it was about spirals, from the smallest in DNA's double helix to the enormous spiral of our Milky Way galaxy. I used the Fibonacci Sequence as the basis for the entire composition. Feel free to check it out with the video at:

Invasion! by brian alan deLaney | composer.

Here are a few themes from a current Horror/SciFi film project. The first is more of an opening credits theme, setting the tone with a toy piano and contrabass. This theme is also responsible for the melodic ideas used throughout the rest of the piece. The second is a more of a thriller/suspense theme, utilizing only the strings. Theme number three is for romantic subplots. Turning the original theme on its side. The last is the invasion proper, styled as a march.

On The Inside

On The Inside is a TV Soap Opera episode by Rebecca Blomgren, ( It takes place in a prison and revolves around three primary characters. The Warden, Sarah, is in love with one of the inmates, David, and is upset that he is to be released soon and worried that if word of the affair got out she would lose her job or worse. David's life was changed for the better when he entered prison, he hated...

Personal Works

These are some of my personal works, they range from full orchestra, to solo instruments. There are experiments of harmonic processes as well as more traditional classical sounds.

Film Scores

Here is a collection of pieces written for various media. There are Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure. Each piece was written for a particular scene with careful consideration of the pacing and emotional content on the screen.

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