Loglines & Screenplays by Alex Stitt

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Enemy Within

GENRES: Sci-fi, Thriller

A neuroscientist working for a prominent biotech corporation gives his wife a bionic implant to cure her dangerous epileptic condition. But when it goes horribly wrong, he must race against time to reverse the damage before it becomes fatal... unaware that every move he's making is no accident.

The Caretaker's Messiah

GENRES: Family, Musical

The Caretaker's Messiah

 Handel's iconic music "The Messiah" is used to trace a man's journey from despondent emptiness after the death of his baby boy and wife, to renewed faith, hope and joy through nursing an injured bird back to health.

Ugly Justice


When a successful young executive finds his childhood sexual abuser is still preying on boys, he first tries to re-bury his past, then to thwart the abuser and finally turns vigilante, with disasterous results.



A near-adult schoolboy is the hero of a terrible accident at his school, but he blames himself for deaths at the accident and spirals down toward his suicide until he finally sees that his heroism is the anchor helping others overcome their trauma.

Morning View

GENRES: Drama, Family

A young adult orphan finds "family' in the city folk who inherit "Morning View", the farm he covets. But when the land and nature snatch them to death he must  overcome his devastation and rejection of the land to re-join his community,  finally renouncing Morning View for a life with his childhood sweetheart.

Hard Cause Hud

GENRES: Sports, Drama

Hostility to a young farm-boy footballer mistakenly recruited to rescue an ailing city premier league club grows to open warfare when his sexuality is discovered and he must both lift his skill and overcome rampant homophobia in order to propel the team to their first Premiership in decades.

Grace, full of life

GENRES: Drama, Family

When the cancer she thought was in remission comes back with a vengeance, a want-to-be grandmother hides it to protect her daughter's delicate pregnancy, destroying relationships and harming her palliation. It takes the wisdom of a genetically compromised young radiographer to convince her to be open, finally winning her a brief time with her new granddaughter.

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