Loglines & Screenplays by D. E. Jackson

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Guar & Peas

GENRES: Action, Comedy

Guar & Peas

When a beloved personality's charity campaign triggers a family rival, envy and suspicion land his empire in the crosshairs of an organic weapons system.

The Rock River Crossing

GENRES: Animation, Family

The Rock River Crossing

Industrial deforestation forces young Deedle and his opossum kin to defy woodland wisdom and attempt a treacherous river crossing to find a new home.

Blake Tahoe

GENRES: Sports, Drama

Unwilling star of a race-laced mythology, the once-wimpy subject of an experimental growth therapy must persuade its aging inventor to undo his life’s work.


GENRES: Comedy


A costumed vigilante inconveniences offenders on his misunderstood crusade to avenge misdemeanors and petty infractions.


GENRES: Western

Crossing Nevada in 1855, six incompatible strangers must survive the desert and the hostile confines of a stagecoach after the accidental suicide of one of its horses.

Magic KIngdom

GENRES: Adventure, Independent

Freshman Lizi Aguilar fears for her life when on a road trip from Portland to San Diego--alone with her roommate's gringo boyfriend--they are detained by the Mexican police.

Dennis the Bear

GENRES: Biography, Documentary

Though beset with cognitive and pituitary challenges, when compared to other scouts his heart was twice their size.

The Right Pupil

GENRES: Action, Horror

Cornered atop an isolated parking structure, Professor Evans must get proud Lacey to accept a bag of cash and flee to Brazil, as an exotic coquette and her henchman rush to torture him for a gross transgression.

Crab Noodle Soup

GENRES: Independent, Thriller

An angry cuckold must return to a vintage thrift store and disarm a cursed hat in time to prevent the jealous killing of his cheating love.

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