Ivan Phang's Reel

Crown Coffee Robotic Barista Promotional Video

Approached by Crown Coffee to produce this 20 seconds promotional video for Singapore's first robotic barista. Almost the entire video is in 3D CGI animation, other than the Colosseum intro which is live action. https://luciddream-animation.com

3D CGI Animation | Fabexx Zero Product Marketing Video

Approached by Visual Edge to produce this product marketing video. It showed how their product "Fabexx Zero" assembles & also to highlight its unique features. https://luciddream-animation.com

VFX Experiment | Mystic Ocean

Inspired by some videos I saw few days back, so I've decided to create my own version. Great opportunity to experiment with some looping 3D particles & depth of field effects. Music by Jordan Winslow – https://jordanwinslow.me

3D CGI Animation | Crowdcuring Logo Opening

Client: J.P. Davitt / Crowdcuring, Concept / Production: Lucid Dream Animation, Conceptualised & produced this 3D animated logo opening for Crowdcuring. Crowdcuring is an online community where people communicate and share experiences and ideas about life-altering diseases, symptoms, or health changes they can’t explain. For more information about Crowdcuring, please visit their website: http://crowdcuring.com/

3D CGI Animation | Laguna Pressure Flo UV Pond Filter

Client: Rolf C. Hagen ( uk.hagen.com/Laguna ) Art Direction / Production: Lucid Dream Animation Created this 3D animation infomercial for client to show how their UV pond filter works to help maintain your pond's water. 1) Dirty water enters the filter under pressure and is forced through zero bypass large, rugged foams, efficiently trapping dirt and debris. 2) The water then travels through highly effective bio-rock biological media, which neutralises harmful toxins to keep things healthy...

3D CGI Animation | Chrysallis - Jordan Winslow MV

This is a music video project I've worked on recently. Produced 3 CGI shots for "Chrysallis - Jordan Winslow"; which includes all 3D CGI, compositing & rotoscoping work. The Director of Photography (DP) wanted some nice shots of a little girl falling down an underground cave. So a highly detailed 3D CGI cave was designed & created for the falling shots, together with some 3D moths visual effects. Watch the full music video here: https://vimeo.com/315177207

R&D for Particle Effects CGI - Mr. Covin Solo

Created this video for particle effects R&D. It's made from a dancing video by Mr. Covin. Courtesy of Striderstone: Mr. Covin Solo. Background music: Outta Control by Angerfist

Financial Freedom with Ancient Alchemy

Who says money doesn't fall from the sky? :) 3D animation created for study & portfolio. https://luciddream-animation.com

Short compilation of 3D CGI animation

A short compilation of some animation projects done in the past. ~ Breakdown ~ 00:00 - 00:47 : only work on the animation for this Tiger Beer brewery process infomercial. 00:47 - 00:52 : everything 00:52 - 01:03 : did at least 95% of the shots 01:03 - 01:15 : everything

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