Loglines & Screenplays by Cannon Rosenau

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GENRES: Comedy

Recently widowed Nancy moves back to the family's multi-family home in Brooklyn, completing the trio of culturally diverse cousins (and one roommate).
Modern Family meets The Neighborhood

Based on the concept/characters created by Kevin James McNamara (with permission of course)

Till Life Do Us Part

GENRES: Comedy

A couple drops dead just before the judge signs the divorce decree, doomed to spend eternity together, unless they can change God's mind.

Super Seniors

GENRES: Comedy

After an ex-con’s blind date disappears, he inadvertently forces a band of elderly superheroes out of retirement.  

Land of Misfit Boys

GENRES: Romance, Family

A free-spirited director of a wayward boys' home must work with a total Grinch in order to save the home.

Christmas in Distress

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

A driven single mom who loves Christmas gets paired with a Scroogey slacker on a college Sociology project about the Human Comfort Zone - something they'll explore first-hand. It's a story that shows what great things come when you step out of your comfort zone, finding balance and mending relationships.


GENRES: Comedy

The two spinsters in question are about as similar as Satan and Santa Claus. Pilot: Tess's hopeless college crush moves back to town, only to be whisked away and tainted by Marta.


GENRES: Comedy

When a straight-laced bachelor finally meets his Miss Right, his screwball best friend ruins her chance at adopting her foster son and their chance at true love.

Think: Knocked Up meets Instant Family

Crazy Athol

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

Crazy Athol

A pint-sized San Diego detective must pose as a big time wrestler's wife under witness protection in Athol, Idaho.

Think: Wrestlemania meets Miss Congeniality

Key attachments: 13 Curves Productions, Oleander PR. Full cast/crew list available on IMDBpro

Stepping Stones (working title)

GENRES: Thriller, Drama

When Joy met Vince it was love at first sight, he had the entire package: a son, a daughter and a less than stable ex-wife. 

The Fantasy of Marriage

GENRES: Romance, Comedy

After the fairy tale wedding, a newlywed woman has trouble letting go of her fantasies of what married life would be like.

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