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By Dawn Greenfield Ireland

GENRE: Action

The God Child is sort of like The Green Mile meets The Golden Child.

Is 7-year old Deidre Lyons… God?


An emergency C-section is about to begin at a Houston hospital when a government alert comes up on a monitor: Any doctor who delivers a child born to Ruth Tovar Lyons is required to preserve the umbilical cord and blood samples from both mother and child. Contact this number for further immediate instructions. The alert is followed by a statement warning about arrest and prosecution of any and all persons who did not follow protocol.

Ruth Tovar Lyons, Deidre’s mother, knows she’s dying right after giving birth. She begs the doctor to contact her sister Lily Tovar in Elephant Butte, NM, and not let the government take Deidre. Gus Lyons, Deidre’s father, is convinced she’s the devil’s spawn because of the time of her birth: 6:06:06. He commits suicide. The doctor follows the protocol and calls the number on the alert.

Colonel Bastrop is notified. He decides not to bring the baby in—she’s premature and he doesn’t think any special skills will show up for a couple of years.

Steve Plant, a former military man in his 30s, practices Qi Gong movements in a meadow outside of a Myanmar monastery with an old Tibetan master, monks and GIs. For Steve, he finds no peace in the session and comes to do the movements as payment for his sins.

Da-wa Wangdu, a monk in his late 30s, is Steve’s sidekick. They are going to leave Mayanmar and go to the US to start an animal sanctuary.

Josh Corlander, a scar-faced former military man who used to be in Colonel Bastrop’s unit, sits in a bunker built into the side of a mountain in Colorado. He notices activity surrounding his former commander.

One month later in the neonatal ICU, a mouse, a squirrel, a bird and a rat appear on the top edge of Deidre’s incubator. Outside on a sidewalk, dogs, cats and other free-roaming animals raise a ruckus while looking up at the window of the NICU. The staff are bonkers trying to get the animals out of the NICU.

Nurse Lucy, who has a large strawberry mark on her face and another that covers a large portion of her arm, picks Deidre up. The baby grabs Lucy’s finger. There is a soft glow that no one notices. Suddenly Nurse Minnie gasps. Lucy’s strawberry birthmarks are gone.

Two weeks later, Colonel Bastrop is notified that the NICU are about to create a media blast because Deidre has healed several people. He sends in Homeland Security and the FBI. They take the baby, confiscate all cell phones, scrub the hospital files. Lily, amid the crowd outside the NICU window, is furious. She contacts the colonel and they have words. He tries to convince her to come in.

7 years later, Deidre is in a house in the woods in Virginia. Susanne and Gordon, scientists who are not only responsible for her care, but they are recording sessions with Deidre who brings to light answers to the universe, life, death – amazing information no one has ever seen before.

Since she turned four years old, no one has been able to physically touch her without getting shocked, or killed. It all started with a spark at her 4th birthday party.

Josh finally breaks the code to find out what is going on with Colonel Bastrop. He discovers Deidre. He sends his commandos to bring her in. Susanne is killed. Deidre escapes to the forest to hide with the animals, and Gordon is captured and brought to the bunker.

As Steve and Da-wa go through customs at Dulles airport, they are brought into military custody. Bastrop tells Steve he will find the girl and bring her back. Steve and Da-wa meet Lily. She accompanies them. Steve is smitten.

They find Deidre in the woods with bears, wolves, a cougar and a fox. Deidre brings Susanne back from the dead. They go to Colorado to get Gordon. Susanne dies and is brought back to life… again.They rescue Gordon.

Colonel Bastrop meets with a high up official at the pentagon. They are releasing Deidre from hiscare. They realize there isn’t a fortress or bunker that could hold her against her will. There isn’tanything that could restrain her powers. One thought from her could annihilate all life on the planet.

And she’s only seven years old.

The movie ends with Deidre, Steve, Lily, Da-wa, Susanne and Gordon in Mayanmar in a lovely garden with the master.

Nathaniel Baker

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