Loglines & Screenplays by L Fabry

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F###ing Swear Jar (Short

GENRES: Comedy

A husband and wife make a bet as to who swears the most prompting dueling swear jars and a bizarre game of one-upmanship.

Captive Quartet (Feature)

GENRES: Drama, Thriller

The women known only as Allure, Cerebellum, Dominance, and Divinity are held in an underground compound to atone for their flaws with the promise that all four must work together to leave – or only one will.

Neon Angels (Feature - Award Winner)

GENRES: Drama, Independent

A Latina lesbian couple finds much more than their relationship is in danger when their road trip to come out to oblivious parents is hijacked by a drug dealer looking to collect a debt.

The Hall (TV Pilot - Award Winner)

GENRES: Adventure, Sci-fi, Thriller

Within the gender-segregated walls of a school for the mysteriously gifted, a group of four students stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Gender Gap (Feature)

GENRES: Comedy, Romance

A bickering husband and wife literally see their dysfunctional marriage and hectic lives from a new angle when they are forced to switch bodies.

Leslie the Wrestler (Web Series/TV Pilot)

GENRES: Comedy, Drama, Sports

With his boyhood dream within grasp, a young man gets a raw look behind the curtain of professional wrestling and a cast seemingly determined to stop him.

Texts From the Dead - Short

GENRES: Horror

A young woman returns from her boyfriend’s funeral only to receive texts from his phone. She quickly realizes it is truly he and that she is now being hunted by his killers.

Confessional (Short Film)

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

A confessional goes from being the most spiritually dangerous place to the most deadly. (short film)

"Brain for a Day" (Firefly Spec - I know...)

GENRES: Drama, Sci-fi

River has a temporary bout of sanity which ripples it's way through the entire crew.

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