Acting : Part time actor ? by Marco Haryanto

Marco Haryanto

Part time actor ?

Could an actor do another job besides acting ? like working at the office.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Waiting tables, Driving a cab, telemarketer, dog walker, Deli clerk, This is New York City home of the Part time actor waiting for the big break and supporting his/her art. How do I know? Well, 3rd generation show business family. Look at my profile page for more. BTW- I am the familles' FIRST screenwriter. I would rather stay behind the camera and direct what I wrote TYSM. I have (2)copyrighted scripts in crowd funding if you want to spare $5. The (2) scripts if you want to take a read are on my profile page under loglines.

Stephen Foster

yes. I've had all kinds of jobs. I think as long as you're honest and do a great job you can usually go on auditions or at least act on your days off!

Marco Haryanto

Steven : thank you for the advice Steven ! Stephen : so you mean, you could say to your boss "hey i have an audition (or shooting a movie today). May i absent for a while ?" Is it ok to do that at the office? Just asking. Because i dont really know how it works.

Tony Fisher

Indeed a survival job is pretty crucial to you when your first starting out. Im currently a carer, which let me tell you isn't as pleasant as it might sound. But at the end of the day it pays the bills and keeps me going forward.

Teresa Tuttle

Good question Marco. My survival job is substitute teaching. I work at enough local school districts that I am able to work every school day, but I can take any day or series of days off, no questions asked.

Stephen Foster

yes, you can always ask to leave early. you can asked to take a longer lunch. you can ask the casting director to change your time. it's all about communication and the relationship you have with your job. MOST actors just approach it from the end of "ACTING IS MY ONLY PRIORITY" which puts them in the "crazy actor" group! I've had many, many survival jobs and I find IF you communicate accurately you'll succeed. it's only an audition.

Kazz Lewsader

I think most actors are in the food and beverage service industry. Schedules are flexible and you can trade shifts with coworkers. That way your more available for auditions.

Marco Haryanto

Damn i love you guys all ! Thanks for sharing.

Stephen Foster

keep going. never give up!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz


Stephen Foster

it's actually ruth gordon, but I don't mind Galaxy Quest coz the same thing applies

Tsara Shelton

My son is an actor, a production assistant, and a mechanic. Also, he's working on becoming a firefighter. I think it's important to prioritize, and to know yourself and your motivators, but certainly having other work can be a wonderful idea!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Ruth Gordon was not in GALAXY QUEST.

Jeremy Dewayne Humphrey

Yes, you just have to schedule your auditions around your work schedule. I say that because you may be on call and a casting agent may randomly call and try to book your services. You would need to be available to accept the work.

Madeline Romine

I am fortunate enough to have a boss and coworkers that completely support my acting career. Because of where I live, I have to travel far when I book a job or audition. Communication is key in any job so just make sure that when you ask for time off, have a solution ready to go to show that you are responsible. If you have that down, the rest is gravy. Good luck!!

William Georgi

MOST actors have day (or night jobs, such as bartending) jobs to support themselves between gigs...

Sveinung Augestad

Unfortunately the gigs don't grows on trees and we have to pay the bills aswell, you know :P

JD Hartman

A difficult balancing act. Where are you in your journey in life? Why are your current needs besides shelter, money and food? What are you willing to forego to have the flexibility to leave for an audition at a moments notice? If you land the part, what kind of jobs are going to be okay with you leaving for a few days, week, month?

Blaine Rincon

I'm in an office job. I've used my vacation days for background and part time work. My boss saw me on TV recently and cant stop talking about how awesome it was. That may help me take off in the future. Being honest and upfront has made a difference on that. I would love more flexibility, but so far so good. I plan on acting classes which will require me leaving early one day a week after the first of the year, hopefully he'll be supportive of it also

Michelle Aguilar

I am a Deputy Director for the Federal Government. I supervise a staff of 21 people and my Secretary cannot even keep up with managing my calendar. It's definately a balancing act for me to work my day job and try and audition for gigs. I have been on this path for about three years now of trying to transition from the Federal Government to Acting. Believe it or not, there are quite a few of us at the Senior Leadership level that are trying to make the transition. The love of our craft and dedication is what keeps us on this path. Good luck to everyone, Acting is a life long journey!

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