Acting : RB's April Challenge (day 2) by Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

RB's April Challenge (day 2)

Here's a clip from an interview by the lovely Film Courage people. I love the line, "Screw therapy, just act in a film"! In my mind, actors (and writers too) better have some issues in their lives, otherwise what are they responding to, or developing their character on. I know as a writer the best stuff comes when there is some crisis or other in my life. How does it work for you as an actor? Check out the video and please share your thoughts. Best, Geoff

Izzibella Beau

So, so true. I agree with these actors 100%. I believe most successful actors and writers have many, many issues in their lives that allow them to create in such a way that not only can they relate more to the average person, but also discover something out about themselves in the process. I know in my personal experience as a writer, somehow my characters have bits and pieces of me in their personality and issues that they deal with. It's a learning experience as a writer to see my problems written out and how I make the character handle such. So, no to therapy for both actors and writers, we wouldn;t be able to be who we are if everything was brought to light and solved.

Geoff Hall

Yes @Izzibella, I think it's a myth to think we can ever in this life get 'everything sorted'. It would certainly make life boring and probably our stories too. Imagine writing fully rounded characters! I like to write them with sharp edges, a little bit missing with a hint of darkness; even my heroes.

Wayne Thompson

Life experience is key. Couldn't agree more. Life is a roller coaster so use it :)

Jackie Sass

I appreciate what these guys are saying. I also think it's important for actors to live a thoroughly examined life in order to play well-rounded characters. I think sometimes people have opinions or ways of reacting that they've never researched for themselves; so when the time comes for the actor to portray a certain facet of a character, emotional depth is lacking.

Geoff Hall

Hi @Jackie, I've just posted an article about Sir Alec Guinness and I think he was the master of what you're talking about. He understood his characters so wonderfully well.

Olga Kalashnikova

Loved the interview! Is there really such a thing as a well-balanced actor?! haha

Geoff Hall

@Olga, I think I'd hate to be a 'well-balanced' person. How boring!

Suzanne Bronson

I do think it's interesting for me that different parts resonate with me at different times. These actors put it in to words that were a lightbulb to me. You know, ugh, what I am trying to say is that depending on what is happening personally in an actors life, a part may resonate with you that previously you thought you didn't get it. i.e one does not have to BE a mom to play a mom, but one may be able to relate to the grief of losing a child BECAUSE of a recent loss in another way, that five years ago couldn't grasp

Geoff Hall

Hi @Suzanne, as for the actor, so for the writer. I think life's experiences help us add depth to what we do. The reason I'm writing so 'late' in my life, is that I obviously needed time to have a whole lot of experience filter through my brain, so that I could then tap into, for various plots and characters.

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