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Gary Craig


The city was particularly alive yesterday, warm and bustling. Women in short skirts grasping their smartphones and starbucks, men in crisp shirts with their sleeves rolled up. I was stuck in gridlock, where its not unusual to blow 45 minutes driving 3 miles. I met Lisa at this very cool Bohemian hotel called "The Ace" on West 29th street. The rustic lobby was filled with people on couches, set back loungers, barstools and work tables all immersed in their Macbooks and iPhones. The meeting was sixty minutes. When I hit the street an hour later, I had my first agent, I had walked through yet another door.

Janet Caulfield

that writing is Dope!

Johanna Marshall

enter Rod Serling...................

Nitten Rajput

Congratulations!! Mr. Gary. Be Well.

Johanna Marshall

My congrats Gary! We all need to hear these success stories..........Possibilities rule!!!!!!

James Holzrichter

Grats!! Good news! :)

Gary Craig

Thanks to all of you for the great comments...much appreciated

Kaz Drysdale

Oh, NICE! Congrats Gary. :)

Mary Rives

nice indeed!

Suzanne Ordonio

You are so lucky. Congrats!

Gary Craig

I'm hoping there will be more to report on the adventure..soon.

Paul Sumares

Looking forward to hearing more, Gary. Great news!

Author Savannah Jackson

Great news!

Debbie Elicksen

Woo hoo! You are so inspiring to all of us here, we can't wait to hear what transpires. :)

Andrea Thompson

Congrats Gary!

Denise Treadwell

You go boy!!! Congrats...I'm sure that the best is yet to come:)

Shay McLean

Congratulations Gary - a great feeling!

LinDee Rochelle

Hey Gary, you have a terrific storytelling style - have you added "author" yet to your list of titles? :-) Congrats on the agent - hope she works hard for you!

Lanette Ware-Bushfield

What a lovely entry Gary! You "Aced" it! Bravo and well done!

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