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Bruce Bray

Making full length versions

So, when a director gives you spots to create music for, and they range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, do you create full length 3 minute versions of these first for your soundtrack release, or do you prefer to do that afterwards?

Bruce Bray

So far, both ways. It seems the deadlines dictate to me what I can do in the moment. I guess I'm looking for Nirvana. HA HA

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Bruce, I truly know a woman named Nirvana. I can tell you where to find her. LOL! Seriously, I think deadlines dictate much of your question.

Bruce Bray

Thanks Timothy. A lot of response I got on FB kind of alluded to that as well. And I think that makes a lot of sense.

Matt Milne

Ideally, make your spot out of the full track. Aim for a suite of music so you can pick different themes that you know will work together. Always do your Job first, your musical and artistic concerns are secondary.

Bryan Dusseau

I like making a suite. This way foreshadowing, and theme building really hype of the climax of the film. You can go for a few suites, depending on how many main characters there are. Other than that, I score the film first.

Samuel Estes

Make the Suite afterward for sure, you never know what you really like until it's marinated with the film a bit.

Jonathan Price

When I have worked as a soundtrack producer, as well as producing my own soundtracks, my job has been to take the various cues of a film and create suites from the recordings. Sometimes it's as simple as splicing a few cues together, sometimes it involves going into the stems and remixing multiple segments into a piece that makes more sense as a sole listening experience, as opposed to an audio-visual experience. It's tougher with a score that only has 10-30 second cues, but it can be done. If you've got the time, though, why not blow it up into a suite? Your first job, though, is to the film. If you create a suite first, it may be difficult to cull 10-30-second segments that make sense with the picture.

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