Filmmaking / Directing : A Lesson worth Sharing by Matt Ip Shaw

Matt Ip Shaw

A Lesson worth Sharing

Hello everybody!

I recently had a conversation with a fellow director about the work. We ended up talking about our first memories and past impressions. I was reminded of something one of my mentors and would say. It would go something like this:

"There are three things that will hold you back from greatness. Shame. Fear. And Ignorance. You're all great artists. Every single one of you in this room. The question is whether or not you're going to let Fear, Shame or Ignorance get in the way of your greatness."

You're all amazing. Keep up the hard work. Change the world.

Love, Matt

Debbie Croysdale

I would never let any emotion hamper productivity especially fear, which can be used as a tool to highlight intensity , when adrenaline brings unexpected results. Don't know about shame cos never done anything to be ashamed about. Although others in the seedy side of the industry once tried to make me feel ashamed I had a guardian instead of a parent and ignorance is needed in order to learn. Ignorance is a two trick pony cos if there was no element of ignorance, we could never grow, change or improve. No one person knows everything, even Aristotle. I've had several mentors, all with differing views but to add my own, the only time you are sure not to make it is when your dead. With regards to executing our art, we live in an era where never before was there more free world distribution via internet, unlike pre late 90's where closed shop entry to industry was rife. Cool topic @Matt. Stay safe

Doug Nelson

The only thing that can hold you back is your attitude.

Erick Freitas

I like that, smart people.

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