Filmmaking / Directing : Editing for idiots? by Pippa Hinchley

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Pippa Hinchley

Editing for idiots?

Hello proper film makers - can anyone suggest best editing software for PC for me to use quickly and easily for 5 minute type youtube vids etc. I was on a mac so used imovie when needed though the last update of it was annoyingly very different than the one Id last used a couple years earlier. Someone said it was more tricky than final cut pro and i should just go for that. Really? Is there not a PC equivalent of i-movie that will be less to get small head round? Any suggestions gratefully accepted.Thank you!

Brenda Moss-Clifton

on windows, there is movie maker, which is good for small editing jobs

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Hit Film Express 3 (free)

Mike Romoth

I'm fairly new to YouTube, but they provide a simple editing system for your videos once you upload them. You would probably have to upload the individual segments and then work with them in the YouTube editor. Not sure if this fairly simple editing tool will meet your needs.

Pippa Hinchley

Thanks so much everyone - re youtube : even I need a little more than they offer but it's very handy if stuck trying to upload with just your phone or something. thanks again. pip

LaShawn Pagán

even I benefited from this question :)

Tony Cella

iMovie isn't bad. I miss Final Cut Pro Seven. It was a powerful program.

Scot Byrd

Adobe Premiere - you could probably find a demi version onli e.

Scot Byrd

...demo version online...

Chris Collins

HitFilm 4 express as long as you have a 64 bit cpu and os. it is nearly as good as premiere and final cut pro, but free!

Tanujaa Patidar

Windows movie maker and video pad is good

Pippa Hinchley

thanks all - am sampling! anyone know about davinci12? free from lynda?

Tsara Shelton

Thanks for asking this question, Pippa! And thank you to everyone who answered! I've been wondering about this myself. These are helpful responses.

Pippa Hinchley

I very pleased my ignorance has made so many people happy! Rest assured it will be displayed often here!!

Tivoli Silas

Windows Movie Maker is very basic and a good starting point but it's also very limited. I followed Movie Maker up with Adobe Premiere Elements, which has more capabilities and is a good learning transition to Premiere Pro.

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