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Peter Cesarone

How to find...

Hey everyone, I had a quick question, how do you find crew people to work for free!!!! Lol, sorry, it's been a harsh quest and I am having trouble meeting more like minded people wanting to start from the bottom like myself. My city is populated at just about a little over 100,000 and film-making barely exists here. I am a 35 year old single father of 7 beautiful children and have an Indie Hip Hop record label entity and an online webisode channel for indie Horror and filmmakers. My entry level skills are in Graphic Design, Song, screen & Creative writing, Audio production and Sound engineering & Design, entertainment, engineering, special events, learning cinemotography, etc... In short, Indie Filmmaker, lol! Help!!!!!!

David E. Gates

Get your local newspaper involved - they'll run a piece and that should generate interest. Contact any local amateur dramatic groups or colleges/universities. Be warned though, it's an uphill struggle - I have approached several actors saying they'd be perfect for the short film I'm trying to get made but I never hear from them again after giving them details etc.

Patricia Poulos

Seven children - what a blessing. David has given some advice. I'm sure a newspaper or television studio would love the story of a father of seven striving to provide for them in a very difficult industry.

Michael Matasci

Hi Peter Stage 32 lets you post jobs many are unpaid if your looking for music, please let me know Michael composer

Richard "RB" Botto

What Michael said. Just be sure to make it very clear that the jobs are unpaid.

M L.

Book a career 1st A.D. Pay that individual well and ask them to reach out to crew they know. Career crew may come onboard a passion project for low pay if there's an actual A.D. with solid credits asking them for a favor. Cause it can provide a networking opportunity to get onto other better paid gigs. They're also less likely to pull a no-show if the guy booking them is well connected in the industry.

D Marcus

Volunteer to work on other projects for free. Do exactly what David suggested but offer your services rather than ask for help. Check the job postings here on Stage32 and volunteer some time. That is where you meet like minded people.

Peter Cesarone

Thank you everyone soooo much. This was way more help than I expected. I appreciate you all and will start taking initiative with your suggestions!

Pat Savage

As Michael says book a career 1st A.D. Pay him/her good and ask them to reach out to crew members they know. Good luck and if you need music scored for your film/s let me know!

Richard "RB" Botto

And that's just one example of why this community rocks.

Joe Valva

Check local schools and colleges for film or theater classes or groups. Also local theater groups. Internet search for theater groups in your or surrounding areas. Check local musical instrument stores. Many musicians are also actors or crew.

Pat Savage

You rock RB and so your network rocks along with you. God willing I am going to be signing with one of the biggest entertainment lawyers in NYC and the world of and a great giving soul so RB KNOW I will be bringing him round here to set up shop and help people out with legal stuff. Proud member and spending more and more time here. Best of luck Peter you've come to the right place!

Richard "RB" Botto

That's some excellent news, Pat. Rock on, my brother!

Peter Cesarone

Again, thank all of you for the support, I look forward to future relations and perhaps endevours via these networking opportunities made available by Stage32!

Jean Buschmann

Hi Peter, I'm looking into some far-outside-the-box experimental ideas for a project myself. i.e. Hiring VO actors via to read lines, then working with animation software that synchs VO audio to lip movements. So animation would be a suggestion to get some scripts out there. You'd be amazed how AUTOMATED and user-friendly some animation apps are now. Gone are the days of needing to illustrate to animate. These apps also feature a variety of customizable background options, and even film realistic lighting. Another suggestion would be to get a basic business license, as a film production company. This should qualify you to hire college interns - in exchange for credit, because FILM majors are usually required to complete an internship in order to graduate. As your reputation for treating interns with respect and giving them cool projects grows, you'll find greater interest in your company. Since sadly, some companies try to take advantage of these eager-to-learn students by giving them grunt work, instead of growth work, like they're supposed to. Good luck!

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