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Lyssa Rayne

Rules for filmmaking/filmmakers.....

Many of us have arrived at this point from various points in life. Whether you were born knowing that this was your calling or you just woke up yesterday to the news, you are here. Honestly the why of it all only matters to the extent that it propels you forward. All else kind of fades. So here we are. All looking for the next great thing that will help us reach our zenith. Reaching that peak will be easier if you follow certain rules. What are they? I'm glad that you asked. Here they are.

Rule #1: Never give up.

Most never achieve because they tossed in the towel. Many things materialize in the path of those that dare to dream. No matter the obstacle just keep going.

Rule #2: Never compete.

Most measure themselves by the metrics set by others. Your skillset, life's path, and creative ability is unique. To judge yourself by others is to box the true self in. This is the race of one, ran by one. No one else can run your race, tell your story, or live your dream.

Rule #3: Never give up.

Wait, are you still here? So am I. I'm here to remind you to never ever give up. Run to the finish line and meet your dreams head on. I promise that it's worth it.

What are some of your absolute rules for filmmakers/filmmaking?

James Welday

Always have a vision, and know what you want. That can apply to any aspect of the industry.

Vital Butinar

I've always joked around that I'm to stupid to give up on something I want to do and while I'm trying to reach my goal I get good at all the things that you need to move towards my goal.

At least that's what I learned being a dancer and becoming a dance instructor and performer. There was also the added benefit of people actually not expecting me to be good at something being a beginner. But I was learning to be good at something because I liked what I was learning not because I wanted to measure myself against someone.

I guess anything is like that even filmmaking.

Lyssa Rayne

James Welday good point. A filmmaker without a vision is like a kite without a string. It may go high but it ends up getting lost.

Lyssa Rayne

Vital Butinar, that is something most would aspire to be. Driven to the point that it makes us look obsessed. As a former dancer, I applaud you. Most do not understand the discipline it takes to be a dancer.

Vital Butinar

Thank you Lyssa Rayne. It does take discipline and it's also I think one of the things that thought me to stick it out trough a rough patch which comes along everywhere.

But at the same time when you look back on your experience you realize that it actually wasn't that tough but it appeared so because you just had to stick to practicing something and the result follows.

I've always been surprised how much people who were in my classes and at the beginning might not have appeared talented decided to stick to it and end up being really great dancers, when on the other hand people who might have been naturally talented had given up at the first speed bump.

Doug Nelson

Rule #4: When you give up trying; you die.

Anthony Chambers

Right now, my #1 rule for myself is to have more self-belief than self-doubt. I'm currently in post-production on a feature that I shot right before the pandemic hit. So working on that along with learning about distribution and crafting strategic business and marketing plans, self-doubt creeps up often. But, I continue to tell myself that if others have done this and succeeded, then so can I.

Lyssa Rayne

Anthony Chambers, I agree on all points. Covid has taken a toll in every aspect of this business. I sidelined all of my projects last year and am playing catch-up now. Self-doubt is almost a constant companion if one doesn't give it the boot. As long as we continue to breathe there is hope. Kudos for pushing on in spite of those challenging voices!

Debbie Croysdale

@Lyssa Especially regarding your No 2 rule, I couldn't agree more. Some (irrespective of being an artist or not) go through life never giving birth to themselves and strive to abide by norms set by media/society. My No 1 rule is to commit my total passion, in fact not think of myself at all and give birth to the character and story. Every set is different, I've been on sets where all are on the pulse and also abiding by strict social film set etiquette. Other Indie sets conned about earnings and the DOP didn't like me, tough to control but it's my choice to follow this path. Yikes like you say, we're in our "Zentith", who wants to be a pedestrian?

Lyssa Rayne

Debbie Croysdale exactly! Those norms are the very things that stifle creativity. It is the breeding ground for mediocrity. Kudos to you for living your truth and imploring others to do the same.

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