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Peter Dowd

Using Social Media to Promote a Short Film

Hey all!

I usually post in the Screenwriting lounge, but I wanted to reach out for some feedback on posting a short film I made a few years ago on social media for networking purposes, like a calling card of sorts. Is it the best ever? No, but I did write and direct it and I'm pretty proud of it. Has anyone had experience using social media for that same purpose? If so, how'd you go about it and were you happy with the result?

Thank you!

Tasneem Rossenkhan

Youtube and Instagram are currently the only networks where you could use this for mostly showcasing your work (its a getting eyeballs game). Could you please specify the networking aspect? (getting work or meeting people in the industry or...) bear in mind that social media is there for consumption and any mass results will require you to either pay for eyeballs or go on following and interaction sprees (which take a lot of time up). If you want to meet professionals or trying to get work then i would recommend using stage 32 itself for meaningful connections. email people, apply for jobs etc

Matthew J. Kaplan

Hey Peter, I am currently screening my short film. I use IG and FB to promote the film and its screenings, but mostly I just get likes and some reposts. My hope is that my constant chatter will get someone within my network that can help, to finally become interested enough to watch it. You can also post in FB groups and pay for sponsored posts but I'm not sure how far that will get you, as most people are flooded with films and tend to ignore a lot of it. I'm sure that doesn't help much but that's been my experience so far. For what it's worth, I'd love to see your film!

Tobias Vees

ahoi! I promoted my short film the last half a year on IG and could "double" my follower from 400 to over 800 now - which is not a lot, but hey - progess. I think, you should think about your target audience first and then build a little story around your short film, creating some sort of value in order to get the audience invested. It does work, but there is a lot of noise out the, which makes it not easy. If you want to learn more about the topic, I can recommened the Indie Film Hustle Podcast to you, they have a lot of episodes covering this topic! Cheers!

Peter Dowd

Thank you for the information Tasneem, Matthew, and Tobias! Sorry for the delayed response, long weekend. I've been a long time member of Stage 32 and I'm looking to leverage this resource more to build some relationships.

Sam Borowski

Peter if you reach out to me, I'd be happy to offer some advice. Break Legs! GOD BLESS and STAY FRESH! <3

Souvik Chakraborty

I am facing a similar catch in promoting my music video for votes.

Anybody is welcome to help me out

Prentiss Thompson

Hey sir I promoted my short film on Instagram and Facebook without much success I got a few likes and shares but on the whole you really have to get out there and network.. State 32 is a great vehicle for getting out there

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