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Rebecca Casselman

Working on an Indie Film

During shutdowns, I had time to write, and now...I'm taking my shot. Directing and acting are my crafts and I need some rallying as I gear up for on location shooting in Alaska. I am elbows deep in pre-production, my brain is on overload but there is a joy that only creatives know about when working on something you love. Storyboarding, shot lists, grant writing, casting .... whew! Advice is welcome, as this is my first feature-length film. My background is theatre productions, web shorts, and commercials.

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Rebecca. Nice to meet you. How is the weather in Alaska?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats, Rebecca! Oh, man - let us know how filming on location goes!

As for advice, at least when it comes to grant writing (since I'm doing a bit of that right now myself) - there are certain requirements grants typically need, so once you put those things together and share them with your team, you can have others submit on your behalf. Play that numbers game!

Is there any other advice you were looking for specifically?

Debbie Croysdale

@Rebecca congrats on your first feature shoot in Alaska, I remember 2015 for just a documentary in Norway we had to get a certain extra safety certificate cos you can freeze to death falling in water even if can swim. Let us know how you get on. Yep that “Buzz” of being on overdrive in an arts project is a real high.

Rebecca Casselman

Thanks, Karen for the encouragement about grants! Having others submit too is great advice. Maurice - there was 16+ inches of snow on Easter in the interior! Egg hunts are indoors.... Hey Debbie! I'd love to visit Norway. My Grandmother's father was Norwegian. I"m working on filming permits, but I don't plan on doing any water shoots while up North. That glacial water is no joke. Same for the mudflats - a big nope! Safty first! What's your documentary?

Debbie Croysdale

Hi an oil and gas promo, not my line of business but helping out artistically. Was just before shares fell and out of an office of a thousand only three were left at a desk. I miss Norway not been back since lockdown, maybe one day I’ll come Alaska.

Craig William Dayton

Hi Rebecca! Congratulations on your project! As a film composer, the thing that I would recommend is not to wait until the last moment to find your composer. So often filmmakers do this, and it is unfortunate, as the score to a film is so very important (please do NOT use library music, as that can ruin a film, as I've seen it happen....hire a trained film composer...not "just" a composer but a film composer...there is a difference). You do not necessarily have to have a large budget for a film composer, but you need to budget for one. If you have a really decent budget for a film composer, I can introduce you to one of the best. If your budget is lower, I would be honored to be considered, or, if you prefer, I can introduce you to a woman film composer who does great work. In the end, please plan on your film composer and budget for him or her. And, one final request. please consider giving the film composer as much time as possible to score the film. So many filmmakers give the film composer so little time, and that causes many problems. If you have any questions or if I can guide you in any way, please contact me at or through the contact page at I hope for all the very best for you.

Kinney Scott

great (:

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