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DAvid Rorie

Amazon Prime

Does anybody have a film (that you own, and self-funded) and have it up on Amazon streaming? How long? How much do you make off that?

Armen Dilanchian

Pride Jewel a feature film by 4DLegacy Studios is now on FilmHub.com.

Distributors can now attain licensing right for worldwide distribution!



Amanda Toney

Hi David - we have an awesome webinar that breaks down step by step everything you need to know about putting your film on Amazon, and economics, too: https://www.stage32.com/webinars/Amazon-Distribution-101

DAvid Rorie

omg another pay service! nevermind.

Langley Coleman

DAvid Rorie I don't know about numbers - but I've heard good things about IndieRights.com.

I've also been hearing that AVOD platforms are offering a much higher CPM than SVOD nowadays.

Ben Rood

I spoke with a pretty well respected distributor last week and they shed some behind the scenes light for me. Amazon's Freevee is currently paying 8 cents an hour streamed. It could be 6 by the time I post this. Viewing the ads during streaming doesn't matter, pretty straight forward. Amazon Prime seems to pay more similar to how Tubi pays. The more viewership a movie is getting, the higher the payment metric. Which is different info than Amazon was sharing a year ago when they claimed they were paying, wait for it, "a penny per hour".

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